Tips to Make Your Desert Safari Trip the Best Experience of Your Life


Out of the many attractions Dubai is famous for, desert safari holds special value for tourists. The experience it offers is certainly unparalleled. Away from the bustling city life, it is a perfect opportunity for families to spend some quality time while indulging in some fun and exciting activities.

Although desert safari offers an unforgettable experience, there’s still room to make it the best trip of your life. Here are some tips you can follow to do so:

Be Properly Geared

As desert safari trip is an outdoor experience, it’s best to be geared properly to have a safe and fun experience. So, when getting ready for the safari, pack all your essentials. You will be directly under the sun for the most part of this trip so pack accordingly. Get your shades, hats, sunblock, and adequate water supply packed.

Tourists who belong to the colder region may find the sun harsh; therefore, it becomes even more important for them to be properly geared with all the essentials. Otherwise, they won’t be able to enjoy this trip to the fullest.

Be Rested

Different desert safari deals and packages include a host of fun and exciting activities like dune bashing, sand boarding, etc. If you aren’t rested properly, you won’t be able to enjoy these activities to the maximum. Thus, be properly rested before embarking on this once in a lifetime journey so that you are fully prepared to take part in all the activities this amazing experience has for guests to enjoy.

Experience Camel Ride

It’s an experience certainly not to be missed. Your Dubai desert safari trip will be incomplete if you are missing out on this unique experience of having a camel ride. The ride won’t be long but will certainly be enough to make wonderful memories.If any financal trip Londonlenders You can explore nearby areas around the campsite on a camel and enjoy this amazing experience.

Don’t Miss Sunset

If you are missing out on capturing the stunning sunset sight during the desert safari, your trip is certainly not the best one. There’s no other place where the sunset sight is more spectacular than the desert.

You can enjoy these views if you have opted for an evening or overnight desert safari package. Morning packages end before the sunset time; therefore, you won’t be able to cherish this view.

Opt for Overnight Desert Safari

Overnight desert safari packs a lot of activities and offers a wholesome experience. Of course, there’s the sunset sight to enjoy but there are numerous other things to do as well. First of all, the weather will be pleasant as there will be harsh sun rays. Then, you will be able to enjoy live BBQ. Following the scrumptious meal, a performance by belly dancers will be arranged for you. There will be fire shows and Tanura shows as well.

Routine activities such as henna design, Arab costume photography, camel ride, sand boarding, dune bashing, etc. will also be part of overnight desert safari. However, the best of all attractions it offers is that you will be able to sleep in a camp. That’s an out of the world experience that’s going to stay with your forever. Furthermore, you will also be able to enjoy the spectacular sunset views, provided you have woken up on the time.

If you are concerned about your comfort and safety, don’t fret as desert safari trip organizers tend to take complete care of tourists and guests. You will be provided with blankets and fully-functional camps. There are separate bathrooms for male and female as well.

Don’t Forget Your Camera

Sunset or sunrise aren’t the only beautiful sights to capture in a Dubai desert safari trip. There will be a whole lot of opportunities where you will need your camera to capture the beauty of deserts. So, not bringing your camera to this wonderful experience is certainly no less than crime.

All in all, this is one experience that you aren’t going to forget anytime soon. To make it even more special, you need to follow the above-mentioned tips. Also, your experience will depend on the package you have selected. Numerous trip organizers offer different desert safari Dubai deals. Select the best out of the lot and have an amazing experience.