Tips to Maintain Your Commercial Refrigerators


While modern refrigeration systems have become sophisticated and much sturdier than the traditional model, they still have room for faults and damages. They can get affected by the surrounding air, dust, electricity, and a number of other factors that can disrupt their normal functioning.

Luckily, most of these damages are slow-paced and can be prevented by a little maintenance works. Even if you can’t prevent them, getting them fixed at earlier stages is much cheaper than repairing them after they stop working.

But, obviously, you need to know about the essential maintenance of refrigerators before you can do it all. This post will offer the guidance you need.

Control Cooling

No matter what type of refrigerator you buy, it will always have a thermostat to balance its cooling. While some new model comes with a smart thermostat to automate this cooling most model will need manual work for it.

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Therefore, always check the functionality of the refrigerator for signs of extra or low efficiency. You can also consider the outdoor climate for this part. For instance, in winter, you need to drop the cooling level while in summer, you have to keep them at full power.

Similarly, you also need to prevent excessive accumulation of ice into your refrigerator. The experts at cool room repairs Gold Coast say that you should deforest the fridge at least once in a week.

Keep An Eye On Gasket

The gasket of your commercial refrigerator is the only part that stands between your system and surrounding. Without it, the cold air from the machine will exit it to the outdoor, which will affect both the machine’s performance and energy consumption.

Therefore, check the gasket of your refrigerator door for cuts and marks once in a week. Watch for abrasions, gaps, or any other form of damage, and if you find one, get it restored immediately. In case the part is fine, clean it using warm wet clothes and a soft brush. It will get rid of the dust and prevent it from degrading.

Clean Filters

Dust and moisture can damage the inner parts of the refrigerator to a very great extent. They cannot just damage the coils, but also affect the efficiency and the electric board of the machine. It’s part of the reason why the refrigerator manufacturers use an air filter in all the builds.

However, this filter has a life soon and can get clogged over time. The exact time of this clogging or damage may differ according to the environment, so there is no way to tell the exact time of it. The best thing you can do here is checking the filters weekly. If you find it dirty, use a vacuum cleaner to wipe the dust particles. If it feels greasy, consider using a degreasing solution and washing them.

In case, the filter is too accumulated for cleaning or get filthy very often, get a professional to analyze it.

Keep the Coil Dust-free

There are two main coils in every refrigerator- evaporation coils and condenser coils. Both of these parts are responsible for removing the hotness of your product and releasing it to the outdoors. Any accumulation on these coils will disrupt the heat exchange of the machine, causing it to lose performance.

In a long time, it increases the effort of your machine, leading to a fully damaged condenser or evaporator.  It may also cause problems like icing. There is no way you can effort these damages, so clean them regularly. You should also make sure that the insulation of tubes connected to these coils is not damaged. Checking for moisture or leakage is also a great idea.

Prevent Water Accumulation

The excessive moisture and the water that enters your refrigerator often end up in the collection pan of the system. If you leave this part unchecked, it will develop fungus or other microbes that can then enter your machine. They may also clog tubes and block the delivery tubes of your fridge.

So, you need to clean the water on a regular basis. You can use a cloth to wipe the water and then use a chemical to disinfect the part. Some systems also have a removable pan that you can detach from the system and wash manually. Using a solution of vinegar and water is also an ideal plan for it.

Wrap Up

Commercial refrigerators are an important part of a lot of hotels, storage houses, and other food businesses. Any damage to this machine will result in rotting food and damaged products, which can easily increase your losses.

Considering its importance, it’s essential that you need to keep each part of the fridge. The tips that you read can help you to deal with this problem and prevent them to a great extent. So, put them to practice and make sure that the refrigerator never fails in providing the performance you expect.

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