Tips To Finding a Reliable Commercial Cleaning Company For Your Post Construction Office Space


Most business owners like to maintain an impeccably clean facility. However, it is quite tough to do all the heavy cleaning by yourself. This is even more so tough for office spaces that have just gone through some construction. Even before fixating tips for post-construction cleaning, it’s important to deduce a good and reliable commercial cleaning company.

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Here’s How to Choose Your Commercial Cleaning Company

  • References

The very first order of business for you is to look up for ‘cleaning companies near me‘ on Google. There might be many janitorial services around your area, and pinning down on the one that you should hire is critical. After creating a list of your local janitorial companies, begin contacting them and enquiring about specifics that fit your office space needs. At the very beginning of the process, make sure to ask about their references. Reputable companies have a list of references that they eagerly provide all potential customers. Try and contact their references, and you’ll be able to note down important questions. A hot tip – Always start at one or two of them at the top of their list, then one in the middle and two at the bottom, to make sure you are not missing out on the clear truth. Be sure to ask a variety of questions about the services they provide and their level of professionalism according to their working culture and responsiveness.

  • Insurance

After you’ve narrowed down your top picks from the list of janitorial services, it is important for you to check with the company for the type of insurance that the company carries. It is essential to make sure that your company or you may not be on the hook if something happens to the janitorial staff. For example: if one of the janitorial workers accidentally trips down, you won’t want to be liable for the medical costs if the professional cleaning service company doesn’t have liability insurance coverage. It is a wise move to get them to show you papers regarding their proof of insurance. Any janitorial company that does not abide by the laws and standards of the state, then you can easily remove them from your list of services.

  • Cleaning Supplies

All the different office cleaning services use a variety of cleaning supplies. So, even before you finalize a service and sign a contract with them. Make sure to have a talk with them about the products that they might be using and discuss with them the available products in the market. Most of the janitorial services today allow their clients to choose from a range of conventional or green cleaning products.

These are some of the things to consider while you look up ‘cleaning service near me‘ on the internet.

Other Tips Specifically For Post Construction Cleaning Projects

  • Safety Measures – Cleaning after a phase of post-construction is quite different from any other type of cleaning. Office spaces after construction can be really hazardous. They may have power tools, ladders, etc. So make sure to hire cleaning service providers able to handle this huge task at hand.
  • Supplies & Equipment – The standard vacuum cleaners used indoors during office cleaning settings don’t quite fit well for post-construction cleaning. In fact, it can be quite taxing on the equipment. So hiring a company with industrial-grade equipment is quite important.

Using these tips, you can easily pin-point the kind of cleaning services you and hire accordingly.