Tips to Fight the Australian Winter This Season

Hydronic Heating
Hydronic Heating

You feel uncomfortable at home? The floor is cold; your feet are freezing and your hands too? You can turn up the heating or avoid some unnecessary heat loss in just a few simple steps.

The following tips are all the more valuable because they help you to keep your house and apartment warm. Of course, you can do it with the help of hydronic heating, but here are other steps.

  1. Apartment cold despite heating? Doors closed!

Close the doors to colder rooms. The warm air on cold walls in the apartment can also cause mold.

  1. An alternative to raising the heating: lower the roller shutter

Lower the roller shutters at night – they reduce heat loss through windows by around 20 percent. Heavy curtains support this effect.

  1. Move furniture instead of heating more

Ensure that furniture and curtains are a hand’s distance away from a hydronic heating system so that the heat can be distributed in the room. Heat build-up can cause up to 20 percent additional costs.

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  1. Insulate heating pipes for a warm living space

In this way, you are taking care that too much heat is lost on the way from the basement to the apartment. You can get insulating pipe shells for a few bucks at the hardware store.

Hydronic Heating
Hydronic Heating
  1. Sealing windows and doors insulate against cold living space

With sealing profiles and window film, you can ensure that less heat generated from the hydronic heating system in the room escapes to the outside.

  1. Cold floor? Lay runners or carpets

Textile floor coverings reduce heat loss through the floor if you don’t have underfloor heating.

  1. Warm and cozy: heat with candles

Even candles noticeably increase the room temperature. And they also ensure comfort!

  1. Heating without heating: increase air humidity

Moist air feels warmer than dry air. To achieve ideal humidity levels of 40 to 60 percent, use a humidifier or several houseplants that release the majority of the irrigation water to the environment via the leaves.

  1. Warmth through cleanliness: Clean the hydronic heating system

Dust prevents heat from being released into the room. If you consistently banish it from your radiators – even in the narrow slats – then you will make better use of the heating energy.

Hydronic Heating
Heating heating
  1. Cold apartment despite heating? Bleed the radiator

Vented radiators warm up faster and more evenly – this ensures well-being and reduces energy consumption.

  1. Continuous heating = correct heating

Heat in economy mode when you leave the house. This way, you avoid having to bring cooled rooms back to the desired temperature with a lot of energy.

  1. Blow ventilation instead of tilting for a warm living room

Turns the heating from the hydronic heating system on and open all windows several times a day for 5 minutes to replace the old air with a fresh one. Permanently tilted windows cool the walls.

With these tips, you should be able to achieve a lot. And best of all: just laying runners or carpets will not cost a lot of money. That is why it is definitely worth taking these tips to heart.


The bottom lines

You can achieve the level of warmth you want by these steps. However, trusting the weather won’t help for a long time. You must install a heating system in your home that can help you cope up when the winter gets extreme. For this, the best solution is to install a hydronic heating system in your home. The experts will tell you the same. All the best!

Have a warm and cozy winter.

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