Tips to convert your broken diamond rings into a new jewellery


Jewellery pieces can complete your look or have sentimental value. They can be a good investment as well. But in order to wear them and keep them in good shape, they need to be maintained. Like any other items, a jewellery piece can break or be damaged. If you are using something on a daily basis, then they can be open to the risk of breakage or damage. Rings are also one such item that is susceptible to breakage and damage. And, if by chance, you break that diamond ring then you can make them into new jewellery. Here are a few tips to go about it

Consult a jewellery designer

A jewellery designer has a vision in terms of what can be made from stones and metal. So, if you have a broken diamond ring, they can help you by presenting ideas for its conversion. Jewellery designers can be found online or try a store that sells jewellery to get guidance. Most jewellery boutiques will have jewellery designers as consultants and can help you in refurbishing your broken piece. Diamonds and precious metal can be turned into pretty jewellery pieces such as a pendant, earrings and even a necklace, by adding a little more of that precious metal. Custom sellers for items such as engagement ring London have more chances of having a designer on their team as customizations do require inputs from experienced professionals.Jewellery designers can give you varied options on what to do with the materials if you don’t want a ring again. Or you could ask for a change in design and create a new ring altogether.

Talk to your jeweller

If you don’t want to consult a jewellery designer, because that would increase your budget, try talking to your jeweller. Designers often have a good consultation fee and not everyone would be willing to invest in that. So, in such cases, just try your local jeweller for advice. They have seen multiple pieces go through their hands and know what to do with a ring that is broken. Diamonds and precious metals on the band are valuable and can be repurposed in different ways.

Try a jewellery market

If you want more ideas on what to with a broken diamond ring – go to a jewellery market. A jewellery market has many stores and will definitely have some advice for you. You could even go for selling the broken piece and buy something new for the same value. The resale value will depend on certain factors, such as – if the stones are lab grown diamonds UK or are natural stones, the metal used in the band, because gold is more expensive than silver and has a higher resale value. A jewellery store could make this offer if they have it within their policies. In that case, you could go for that and avoid a few hassles.

Special stores

Specialityjewellery stores and boutiques have consultants for customers who want to know what to do with a broken jewellery piece. These consultants can guide you on the next steps or options that you have. The options could be redesign, turning it into a different piece or even selling the piece for its diamond and metal value.

Once you have spoken to your jeweller or a designer for the best possible option, you will have a choice to make. It is up to you if you want to go with what they are suggesting or just having it repaired for a keepsake.