Tips for Using Animation in Digital Marketing

tips on how to use animation for your business

With the development of technology, the marketing industry is experiencing a significant shift in how businesses are marketing their products and services. Where previously, brands used to print and electronic media to make a brand, today, they are taking advantage of new media and digitization to reach out to the world.

Stepping into the digital era, businesses are looking for new ways to get ahead in their business, and using digital marketing is one way to make it possible. Digital marketing refers to all the efforts that a business makes to secure a prominent position in the digital world.

However, considering the continuous evolution in the digital world, it can be overwhelming for businesses to cut through the noise to reach their audience. Even if you are a marketing leader right now, not moving on with the pace of the changing trends and developing technology can lead you down the hill.

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Today numerous brands are using Animations because of their tremendous advantages and applications. For example, having a video on your website can increase your chances of appearing on the first page of the SERPs. So who would want to miss out on that? The bigger mystery here to solve is how to use videos for digital marketing?

Here are some tips which can help you to make videos for marketing

  1. Mastering the art of storytelling

Who doesn’t like to hear stories? The only fact that you need to focus on is to tell a story that can resonate with your audience. Tell a story about your brand, and share the positive aspect of your business. Rather than telling them about the product, tell them how it can benefit them. Try to make an emotional connection with the audience and establish their trust. Not will this will set the right tone for your company; you will leave an impression that will not easily be forgotten.

  1. Know who your audience is

The chances of success are pretty low when the shooter shoot in the air rather than aiming at the target. In this case, you are the shooter, the video is the bullet, and the target is always the audience!

Generic advertisements are quickly forgotten, but when you address directly to the audience you wish to communicate with, it is going to hold the elements that ensure its appeal to the people.

  1. Demonstrate the positive side of your brand

As said before, creating an emotional connection is important to be able to establish trust. This cannot happen unless you make an impact on the audience. Your video should relate to the audience’s daily life and experiences so they can connect with it while making an impact.

  1. Make sure that it looks great

This is no brainer! It may be overwhelming at first, as there are many facts and features of a video that you need to take care of. It needs quality as well as appeal to make sure it can stand the test of time. Many companies tend to use cheap marketing solutions such as animating tools, but it can also backfire, if not considered thoroughly.

One of the best solutions here is to hire a professional video production company to make an aesthetically appealing and entertaining animated video.

  1. Show some personality

Discover your company and determine your goals and mission to deliver a message to your audience. Humor can be a great asset to engage the audience with the video and making a memorable impact on the audience. Remember that you don’t have to sell funny, but connect with a joke. Adding music to the video or using characters to describe your business and audience can help in entertaining the audience while making the video memorable for them.

  1. Get the timing and add music to give a proper tone to the video

People take only a split of a second to judge a company. Whether you are using animations or designs, it makes no difference if the audience leaves it without exploring a brand. This is where your video needs to be of a period that compels them to stay. Most explainers are only 30 to 90 seconds long, and most among them compel the audience to take action.

Music is another essential aspect of videos. It can set the tone of the video and help the audience in understanding the message of the video. Your music must match the tone of your narrations. If you get the balance right, viewers will find it impossible to take their eyes off the video.

  1. Keep it simple

Simplicity is the key to have the essence of the brand in the video. It helps in telling a compelling story to the audience with the right look and choices of colors, tone, and music. Do not alienate your audience with complicated details, the simpler the animations, the more attractive and appealing it will be.

Author Bio: Colors and designs were the first passion that I had. It took me years to become a master of this art. With 4 years of experience in the industry of animation and serving as a senior creative artist at Animation Dok, I am also playing my part in promoting the field through my posts and blogs.

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