Tips for Securing Your Mobile Privacy from Installed Mobile Apps


It is common saying that if something is on the internet then it is not secure. The same is for your mobile phone. You might think that your mobile phone is secure by applying security features like PIN code, fingerprint access, Passcode, Pattern, or face recognition. This way you might be able to protect your handheld device from the people surrounding you but not from the apps related threats within the phone.

A few years back, this was a piece of common news that an App got a penalty for sharing sensitive information of end-users or they sold hidden photos of their customers. These are kinds of apps that are compromising your online privacy and leak your data to third parties.

Every single app installed on your phone cannot be trusted. Some of these apps might be collecting your personal data without your knowledge. It sounds difficult to understand but it is a fact. There are apps that could be stealing your personal data, in particular, the Passwords, usernames, gallery items, and various other kinds of personal information.

Looking at this, there should be a way to hide your data from such apps on your phone. You can find some online ways by means of which you can track the apps which are compromising your privacy. Have a look at a few of these in the upcoming section.

Adopt a Good Quality VPN

It is always recommended to be extra careful when using your personal data on a public internet connection. It is suggested to use a privacy firewall like VPN which keeps your real identity hidden from online threats. It keeps your visibility transparent and keeps you away from being visible to unwanted elements. You can find a bundle of high-quality VPN providers over the web.

Go and install one on your system and start securing your phone/computer. But just like other places, it is also recommended to look at the type of VPN, trust rate, and other important elements.

Install updates on As soon as they appear

Most of the common issue that we face in term of privacy is that we never bother installing updates. Every updated app provides better services, so whenever an update required for an installed app, do it in your first attempt. It will keep your smartphone fast as well as secure.

Check for Permissions

Whenever you install a new app say Instagram it asks for gallery access, contacts, camera, etc. In the case of Instagram it may not be crucial but when you install a less popular app from somewhere else than a popular marketplace then giving permissions to such apps is always dangerous. So before giving permission to any App, look at the nature of the permission the app is looking for.

If it makes sense then go for it else just deny. For example, if you are downloading a photo editing app and it requires permission for your contact list then it might be suspicious.


You might have found these tips useful. Besides these, you need to look at the developer of the app before adding it to your device. Look at the existing customer’s reviews, ratings, and what other people saying about a particular app. Always download apps from a trusted marketplace such as Google Playstore, Windows Store, Apple App store, etc. Visit He Knows Tech for latest updates about internet security, apps, and gadget information.