Tips for Improving Your Video Marketing Campaign

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In today’s world, where almost everything is on a digital platform, if your business has not yet hired video production services to create high-quality brand videos for you, then your business will most likely not succeed. Digital videos that feature your brand are now a must-have in any marketing campaign for the following reasons:

  • Eighty percent of consumer internet traffic are videos being streamed or shared on the internet.
  • The number of videos being watched through mobile devices increases by as much as 100 percent per year.
  • According to research, almost 80 percent of consumers agree that they get to know a brand better because of watching videos, and that
  • Forty-six percent of the respondent-consumers have purchased products after watching a shared or streamed brand video on social media.

How to Improve Your Video Marketing Strategy

More and more businesses are including videos as part of their marketing strategies. If your business has yet to start creating brand videos, then you may find yourself behind the pack. Anybody with a mobile device can create and edit videos; however, not all videos created will become great marketing tools. Here are some of the tips for creating effective marketing videos.

Define Your Audience. There is no such thing as a video that will cater to everybody’s taste, and you must realize this truth. While several videos reach viral status in video sharing platforms, these videos are purely for entertainment purposes with either a deliberate attempt to become viral or accidentally became viral. Your marketing videos should target only the people who have high possibilities of becoming your customers. Therefore, it is important to define your audience in terms of their demographics, the channels where they usually consume video, the type of language to best communicate your message to them, and the type of problems they have that your business can help solve.

Always Brand Your Videos. Wherever you plan to share your videos, it is important to always put your brand on your video. This branding may be in the form of your logo or a watermark that viewers can see whenever they watch your videos. Branding your videos may also include coming up with a unique short intro and outro on each video you create.

Tell Your Brand Story. If done creatively and professionally, videos as short as 1 to 3 minutes will get your message across to your target audience more effectively than having any other form of advertisement. Therefore, it is important to use your videos to tell a story about your business and brand. You can also use your videos to show your viewers tutorials, reviews, and testimonials about your products. However, when creating videos, it is best to hire a video production services company to help you create high-quality, professional-looking videos.

Keep Your Content Accessible. Make your videos accessible to your viewers by adding subtitles to them. Subtitles will allow your viewers to better understand your videos even when they are in noisy areas such as public transportation or cafes. Likewise, you can add subtitles in other languages so that foreign viewers may also understand your message, especially if your business caters to a global market or if you are targeting a multi-lingual audience.

Make Your Videos Interactive. Another great way to improve your marketing videos is to make them interactive. Ask your viewers to subscribe to your channel and hit the like buttons. Likewise, you can link other videos you have for your business that may open in a new tab or be shown in a tooltip.

The above tips will help you create effective, high-quality videos that will boost your brand and convey your message to your target audience. However, just like your business website, you will also need to assess your videos’ performance. Hiring a video production services company with a video analytics team will help you develop a strong video marketing campaign.