A Workplace Must: 7 Tips for Creating a Clean Office Environment



When you walk into work each day, are you met with a sparkling and pristine minimalist environment or something that belongs in an episode of Hoarders? If the latter, you might want to get to work cleaning everything.

Studies show that aside from being an eyesore, clutter and messes can even impact worker productivity.

If it’s been a while since you’ve given your office the deep clean it craves, don’t worry. With a little planning and some hard work, you’ll have a clean office again before you know it.

So what do you need to do?

Keep reading to learn about seven things that will help you better understand how to clean an office.

1. Start by Organizing

Before you start vacuuming, mopping the floors, and doing any other cleaning tasks, you want to make sure that everything is as organized as possible. Most offices tend to accumulate papers, files, and junk that they no longer need. Go through everything and discard the things that you and your employees won’t need to use or refer to again.

Make sure that anything you do keep is in a folder or cabinet. Papers that are strewn across desks and tables look messy. They also make it difficult to locate specific pieces of information.

2. Clean the Restrooms

In a perfect world, you would take the time to clean company restrooms every day. If that’s not possible, then a few times a week is acceptable for smaller businesses.

If you can’t remember the last time you cleaned and disinfected the office bathrooms, it’s time to do that right away.

Scrub the toilets, making sure to wipe down every inch of both the interior and exterior in the process. You’ll then want to wipe the sink, empty garbage cans, and before you go, mop the floors.

Germs love to congregate and spread in public bathrooms, so make sure to clean your company restrooms as often as possible. You can even look into a floor scrubber rental to ensure that the room is really clean.

3. Get Rid of Dust

Dust tends to accumulate on desks and other surfaces in a matter of days when a lot of people are working in the same space. Unfortunately, dust is more than just unsightly.

Employees that suffer from allergies will find work to be particularly unbearable if there is a lot of dust around them. Dust can also clog up computers and other electronics, preventing them from operating as they should.

Take a duster and run it over all of the surfaces of your office. You can then wipe down electronics with a damp rag to collect any remaining particles.

4. Ensure That the Breakroom Is Clean

If your office has a breakroom, make sure that you take the time to give that area a solid cleaning as well. As employees often eat in breakrooms, you want to ensure that the space is clean and sanitary.

Wipe down the refrigerator, both inside and out, and clean out anything that’s been in there for longer than a few weeks. You’ll also want to clean the interior of your microwave.

Replace any old sponges or dish towels, then spray down tables, chairs, and countertops with disinfectant spray.

If you wouldn’t feel comfortable eating in your breakroom, your employees won’t want to either.

5. Tidy up the Reception Area

When someone walks into your office, you want to make sure that they get a good impression. This applies to everyone, from current and prospective employees to clients and employee family members.

If your welcome area has chairs, ensure that they look clean and new. Replace any chairs that have stains or visible wear and tear.

Dust and wipe down all of the surfaces in the reception area then vacuum or mop the floor.

Pretend that you’re a guest entering your office for the first time. Are you impressed by what you see?

6. Keep Employee Clutter to a Minimum

Of course, it doesn’t matter how nice your reception area looks if the rest of your office is a mess. Make sure that your employees understand how to keep a clean office as well.

Instead of having employees throw things on their desks, have them make use of organizational cups, holders, and trays. You can even provide them with company products to encourage them to keep things tidy.

Make sure that they also wipe down their desks at least once a day. This will keep things looking clean, and also limit the spread of germs and viruses.

7. Setup Sanitization Stations

Speaking of limiting the spread of germs and viruses, it’s not a bad idea to set up sanitization stations around the office in the COVID-19 era. This will further limit viral transmission.

Have bottles of hand sanitiser on every employee’s desk, as well as in public places, like the breakroom. Ensure that soap dispensers are always full, and make sure that your employees are washing their hands often.

Since hand sanitiser, hand washing, and dry hands all go hand in hand (if you’ll pardon the pun), you can also put out bottles of lotion for employees to use.

Enjoy a Clean Office and All That Comes With It

Cleaning an office might not sound enjoyable, but the results make the process worth it.

If you’re looking for some advice to make it all easier, follow the tips laid out in this guide. With a bit of elbow grease and some perseverance, you’ll have a clean office in no time.

Do you now have a better understanding of how to keep a clean workplace? If so, don’t forget to check out the rest of our site for more helpful cleaning tips.