Tips for Choosing Your iPhone Protection Plan

iphone protection plan

With iPhones costing as much as $700, there is no wonder why people are ready to go the extra mile to ensure their device’s protection no matter what. Unlike other casual phones, you can’t say ‘we will see when it happens’ when you have an iPhone. The replacement or repairing of a broken or damaged iPhone can cost a bomb.

Whether you lose your device or end up breaking its screen, the iPhone replacement will be costly. It is better to prepare for such cases beforehand to avoid hefty repair bills. While iPhones usually come with a warranty period, it is better to invest in an iPhone protection plan for extra safety.

Smartphone warranty is not applicable to the repair expenses you incur due to spilling water on the device or losing the smartphone. But, the right insurance plan will definitely cover all the potential risks associated with your device.

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The protection plans can involve a monthly payment or a one-time fee. Either way, you can expect great coverage from iPhone insurance plans. Before you shop for cell phone protection plans, compare the policies and buy the one that fits your budget and preference. Here are some tips for choosing the best iPhone protection plan for your newly purchased iPhone.

  • Does the Plan Cover Water Damage?

What if you drop your iPhone in the bucket full of water? What if someone accidentally spills a drink on your device? The water damage is the number one reason for iPhone damages. Before settling the deal with the iPhone insurance provider, make sure to check if the policy covers damage to your device due to liquid and water.

It is especially needed for people who have the habit of dropping their devices. Though it rarely happens, there is a chance your device will slip from your hands. Similarly, the water damage is likely to occur if you spill a beverage or water on your device. So, make sure your insurance plan covers the water damages caused by liquid.

  • Cracked Screen

Sure, you have got the screen cover to protect your device from possible screen damages that are likely to occur should you drop your device on bumpy ground. But, even the lamination on the screen won’t protect it from damages.

Imagine your smartphone slips from your hand and hits a hard object, such as rock. There is no way a screen cover can safeguard your device from such accidents. You will rather end up getting a big scratch on your device, which not only looks ugly but spoil your experience.

A quality cell phone protection plan will cover screen damages and replacement costs for a broken screen. Whether your screen is damaged by slips and falls or is hit by a hard object, your iPhone protection plan will cover the repair cost of a broken screen.

  • Hardware Defects

There is a rare chance a fresh iPhone will come with hardware defects. But, it is still possible. What if the device you have purchased recently comes with a serious hardware defect (maybe broken buttons or a damaged screen)? Of course, the buyer can’t be held liable for hardware defects.

You have hardly used the device and it’s already giving you a hard time. Well, that shouldn’t worry you if you have purchased an iPhone protection plan that covers hardware defects.

  • Check the Deductible First

While the cell phone protection plans are great, their only drawback is high deductibles. Not all insurance providers will charge high deductibles, but if they do, you will end up spending more than you could expect from the coverage.

A normal deductible cost can be anywhere between $50 and $100. If the amount is higher, look for other cost-effective plans instead.

  • The Insurance Plan that Covers Lost iPhones

We hardly forget our iPhones when going out. In fact, our smartphone is with us all the time. But, there is a possibility you might end up losing your device. Worst case scenario – your mobile phone can get robbed.

You need not worry if you have purchased an iPhone protection plan that covers lost phones. If not, be ready to spend all your hard-earned money on buying a new device.

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