TikTok May Lose Up To $6 Billion As Result Of Ban In India; Users Urged To Delete App

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TikTok has been the most popular video-sharing platform of the decade. However, the growing tension between borders seems to affect the popularity and eventually, the usage of the video uploading application. 

The Indian government has put a ban on the 59 Chinese mobile applications that include the renowned TikTok. It was on 29 June 2020 when the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology announced that the continuation of the app might hamper the sovereignty and security of the country. 

The ban creates the room for the requirement of a similar app like TikTok. Social networking platforms are seen investing in a feature that can deliver services and become a profitable alternative to TikTok. 

This article aims to tell you about how investing in a TikTok clone app can fetch you users and make the platform an instant hit amidst the ban of TikTok. 

TikTok Winding, It’s Business From India

The rising tension between India and the dragon has affected its trade and commerce in the country. Indian are actively boycotting specific foreign products, and the battle has reached up to smartphones. Along with the other 58 apps, TikTok is winding up its business in India. It will leave the app installed on the smartphones functionless.

There are various reports published elaborating the effects of the TikTok ban in India on the company. It is estimated that the company will lose a sum of more than $6 billion as an after effect. However, many companies are working on developing an alternative that delivers the users a TikTok like experience.

Instagram, a famous social networking portal, is on the verge to launch the update featuring Instagram Reels. Instagrams Reel is a concept similar to TikTok that provides users with the platform to record and upload short 15 seconds videos. Using a TikTok clone script can be an effective and efficient solution for software development. 

TikTok Clone Script And Its Benefits

TikTok clone scripts are the most affordable and efficient source to develop an app that allows the user to upload and share videos showcasing their creativity and talent. 

Clone scripts are the source code flexible enough to incorporate changes for optimal app development. It allows the developer to customize the user interface and personalize the design to add a unique touch. 

Cost Of TikTok Clone App Development

Many factors drive the cost of TikTok clone app development. The important features involved in the process that determines the cost of app development are mentioned below. 

  • Platform

More the platforms, higher will be the fee of app development. The higher the number of platforms, the more will be the usage of the app. Hence, it is advised to launch an app that is supported by Android as well as iOS smartphones.

  • Number of hours

The complexity involved in the app development determines the hours indulged in the process. The longer the process, the costlier will be the app development. 

  • Features

Undoubtedly, an app that is loaded with multiple features is likely to enhance the user experience. However, on the other hand, the long list of features will also add some pounds in the cost of app development. 

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Keeping in mind the factors that are mentioned above, TikTok clones can be developed at a price as low as $35000. Depending on the complexity of the app development and clients requirement, the cost can go as high as $45000. The prices that are mentioned are merely an estimate, and the actual cost of development can be calculated after a counselling session with an expert app development company. 

Final words

TikTok is about to lose a large chunk of its users that are based in India. Social networking platforms are seeking it as a chance to play their stake in delivering a video sharing platform for the Indian TikTok users having a passion for entertaining viewers by showcasing their talent.  

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Investing in a similar app like TikTok during the onset of the TikTok ban can be a wise decision to earn huge profit. There are many app development companies; however, it should be ensured that you choose the right one for flawless app development.