TikTok Advertisement – Best Tactics To Market Your Business On TikTok


TikTok is the fastest growing social media platform, and there is no doubt in its marketing strategies to promote the business on the platform. Here, we can see the best tactics to promote the business on TikTok. Let’s jump in.

Why TikTok To Market Your Product?

TikTok gives videos of 15 seconds to 60 seconds, and in terms of advertising, the platform limits the ad spots to avoid them getting lost in the competitor’s ad crowd. TikTok provides a self-service marketing platform in 2019, like the Facebook platform, to create the ads easier than before.

Advertising on the TikTok platform is not for every brand or business. The primary rule on social advertising is to place the ads where your targeted people spend more time. You won’t see any success if you promote your products to the wrong demographics on TikTok. The platform stands top for the Z generation and Millennials. A study found that 40% of TikTok users are between 15 and 23 of age; and over 60% of TikTok users are under 34. If teens are your targeted audience worldwide, your business presence on the TikTok platform makes you more comfortable.

TikTok Ads Types

There are various types of ads available to promote your brand or business on TikTok. There are:

     In-Feed Native Ads

It is the best adoption for the middle-sized and small businesses offering low-cost options. These ads are the cheapest than other ad types on the platform, and In-Feed native ads appear in TikTok user’s “For You” section.

     Brand Takeover

Brand Takeover ads are more invasive than In-Feed native ads. These ads appear when anyone launches the TikTok app, it stands for a few seconds before moving to the default page while opening the TikTok platform. The platform limits the many brand takeover spots for apparent reasons.

     Hashtag Challenges

An excellent feature on the TikTok platform is branded hashtags challenges. Somebody gives a challenge through video content, asking their viewers to do it in their unique way, filming themselves, and posting their works. Many brands and businesses launched their hashtag challenge successfully or worked with their influencers to boost TikTok likes for the challenge and reach a broader audience.

     Branded Effects/AR Content

These unique ads appear in the creative spots on the TikTok platform, such as stickers, branded lenses, and other factors, such as AR/3D content given by businesses or brands for filmmakers on TikTok to utilize in their video contents.

Steps To Launch TikTok Ads

     Open an Ads Account On TikTok

The primary step to set up an advertising campaign on TikTok is to open your ads account on TikTok. And choose your region and select whether you are campaigning ads for an individual account or a business. Then provide some of your details. It is not an entirely automated process, and after that several questions, you will get a text from the platform mentioning that TikTok will get back to you shortly. If all your details are correct in TikTok’s guidelines, then the platform’s admin will open an account for you.

     Create Your Ads Campaign On TikTok

Now you can launch your first ad campaign on TikTok. TikTok also uses the same method as Facebook and other advertising online channels for advertisement purposes. At that point, you have a marketing campaign with a vital objective to allocate a budget. You will have many ad groups within the campaign. These are the groups of ads that you target the audience using the overall budget.

Tap the Campaign option on the advertising dashboard on TikTok to start your campaign and tap create. The platform asks you to set an advertising objective for your campaign. You can select from conversions, traffic, or app downloads.

     Add Details And Place Your Ad Placements

You can add ad groups for your campaign here. You may start with one ad group now; later, you can go for more.

You can choose either Select placement or Automatic placement. You can also add your ads on BuzzVideo, News Republic, Vigo Video, Top Buzz, and more. Then TikTok asks you to include images, names, categories, and URLs to set your ad group. The question belongs to your chosen advertising goals.

     Target Your Audience

Targeting the audience is the main factor for a successful advertising campaign. The platform asks you some questions to target the exact audience. You can do these by choosing demographics such as location, age, interests, locations, gender, and more. 

     Set Your Schedule And Ad Budget

Here, the platform asks you to set a schedule and ad budgets. You can select a daily budget or a total budget. Also, you can set your date and time to schedule your campaign. 

     Set Your Goal

It would be best to get some key factors that you want to change as a campaign result. Also, TikTok asks to optimize your Click, Conversion, or Impressions. You must know the goal of your optimization. Always TikTok will spot your ads to the targeted audience. 

It affects the prices of your ads on TikTok:

Click – ads are priced by Cost Per Click(CPC)

Conversion – ads are priced by Optimization Cost Per Click(OCPC)

Impression – ads are priced by Cost Per Mile(CPM)

     Upload Assets and Decorate Your Ad

After completing all the sources for your campaign, it’s a perfect time to run it on the platform. The platform gives a powerful tool that helps the process. 

Remember To Analyze Your Ad Campaign On TikTok

Always analyze your TikTok’s ad campaign to notice its performance once your brand ad runs. You can use the filter options to get detailed information about your ad groups, ads, and campaign.