This Week’s Top Stories About Best Ecommerce WordPress Theme


Looking for kickstarting the online or offline business, it’s challenging to survive in this competitive world. There are plenty of points to consider while setting up the business, specifically online. The website is one of them, the must-have element for any online business. No matter whether your business is in the starting phase or experience, a website is mandatory to have. In this challenging world, having an online presence can make a significant difference in the growth of the company. It’s the best way to reach the maximum people and attract them to visit your website. 

Furthermore, there are primarily two ways to create a website, first is starting from scratch, and another is using the Best eCommerce WordPress theme. Obviously, it takes a lot of time to create a design from scratch as you don’t have any vital resources. However, features and plugins of best selling WordPress eCommerce themes help you to develop an alluring website for your business. If you want to create a website for your eCommerce site, then WooCommerce is the perfect plugin to use as it has all the required eCommerce features to your website. Let’s delve into some recent top stories for eCommerce themes.

What’s new in WordPress 5.4?

WordPress 5.4 would be the first major release from the WordPress of this year. It comes with the drastic modification and improvement in the features and gives better developer experience to create a website. Look at some attractive updates in the best selling WordPress eCommerce themes that help to create a fantastic website.

Block editor

The latest block editor allows you to add different content to your site, and any product description in the free eCommerce wp theme. In this new block editor, you can add rows and columns of the table easily, as it was previously difficult to create. Earlier, you need to use a separate plugin to add the table in your best selling WordPress eCommerce themes. 

Drag and drop option

Earlier, you were not allowed to include the element by just dragging it. However, currently, It’s just a drag and drop builder to add any element in your eCommerce site. It eases the task for the developer to develop an eCommerce website with the help of the best eCommerce WordPress theme. Even the images can also be dragged from the various sources and paste into the relevant page.

Social media icons

Add your various social media accounts in the free eCommerce wp theme. It helps you to capture the attention of people from the various social media to increase the user traffic on your website. You can include any social media icons like Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, and many more. This feature is quite exciting as people are more engaged with those platforms so that you can target them for your own business. 

Top eCommerce WordPress themes


Flatsome is a best selling WordPress eCommerce themes with modern design and rich features. It would be the best choice to start the online eCommerce business. This best eCommerce WordPress theme gives a fantastic look and feels in every size of the device, irrespective of the resolution that the device has. The design and features of top eCommerce WordPress theme  assure that it will boost your business by attracting the maximum customer and increasing the visitors on the website.

Some of the recent updates

  • WooCommerce 3.8.0 compatibility
  • Twint payment icon
  • New options for product boxes
  • Option to set the same height on the product boxes


Another best eCommerce WordPress theme with an attractive design and user experience. It would be the best theme if you wanted to present your products in a clean and user-friendly way that stands you unique from the crowd. The primary features of Marketo are easy to customize, cross-browser compatible, well documented, and plenty more. Looking for the modern and stylish design for your website, then Marketo would be the best destination to opt for. 

Some of the recent updates

  • WordPress 5.0 supported
  • 7 new homepage included
  • Latest header style

Wrapping up

In this contemporary world, an online presence can assist you in increasing the business and customer rate in your business. To create a better website, free eCommerce wp theme would be the superior solution to create a site rather than starting from scratch. The features and functionality offered by WordPress are sufficient enough to build an awesome ecommerce website. Therefore, these are the primary reasons why developers have opted for WordPress.