This is Why You Should be AWS Certified this Year


The world of IT is vast and dynamic. In order to stay relevant with the latest technological advancements, one has to follow the trend. The trend of the latest features and tools that are being used in the current market.

One of the latest trends in the utility of cloud computing, after the launch of the cloud computing concept. Companies of all sizes, invested readily in this cloud computing to use it, for their betterment.

There are inventions that were hyped but got irrelevant, while there are innovations that grew steadily and got global recognition, so and so that such innovations are used to date.

Cloud computing is innovative that will be used for more than a decade, or even more. Cloud computing can be described as a flexible and expandable space that can be used to store all sorts of data. And all the data can be accessed anytime, anywhere.

This, indeed, successful innovation in the technological landscape. Before cloud computing, it became really tedious to handle, manage, and store information. And on top of that, companies and organizations used to invest a lot of money to protect and store their sensitive data, but with cloud-based computing, everything has become so easy.

Even if the data takes much space then, a company can buy some more space according to the requirements.

There are many cloud computing services out there, but the king of all is Amazon Web Services or AWS. The AWS has achieved the crown of the best cloud service provider, due to it’s best features.

The AWS has catered almost a million customers, and it is continuously growing without a pause. AWS has become globally recognized. With AWS, an organization can buy hundreds of cloud services and can use these services to do all there work hassle-free. From launching programs to storing data, everything can be done with ease.

The AWS is the best cloud service provider, which also tends to provide AWS certification.

Let’s just dig more about the AWS Certification.

AWS Certification and Its necessity:

First things first, not all certifications are best, but the well-known certifications are indeed the best.

For every new trend, you can find certification related to that trend. But it is also important to understand that not all trends are successful, but there are few trends that are top listed.

Getting a certification is not that important, but choosing the best suited is more important. Many professionals get certifications just to understand or to get knowledge of a particular trend. Such certifications don’t make any changes but help an individual to understand a trend.

But certification for trends like cloud computing will indeed promote career growth. The AWS certification is now in demand, and the best part of getting this certification is that a person from any domain of IT can achieve this certification. Whether you are a developer, programmer, or even your work with IoT, you are eligible to get this certification.

The AWS certification provides skills and knowledge to handle and work with a cloud-based program. It will provide all the required knowledge of cloud computing.

Now when it comes to the necessity of the AWS certification, then the best reason is that every organization across the globe is using the AWS cloud services. So this makes the achievement of AWS certification necessary.

Types of AWS Certification:

The AWS certification provides several types of certification based on a program, or one can call it a specialty. Some individuals have experience of working with SysOps, and some may have worked as a Developer. The types of AWS certification is based on these specialties. Now broadly, there are four types of AWS certifications, and those are:

  1. AWS SysOps Associate Certification
  2. AWS Solution Architect Certification
  3. AWS Technical Essentials Certification
  4. AWS Developer Associate Certification

It will be more suitable to opt for. For AWS Solution Architect Certification, because let’s face it. The AWS cloud services are currently in heavy demand. Every other organization is using the AWS cloud services, well this increases the scope for AWS Solution Architect because a Solution Architect knows each and everything about the AWS and has skills and knowledge to provide with solutions whenever needed. Now, this is just a suggestion, but everything depends upon an individual. Whatever he/she is interested in can get certification on that basis.

Now, let’s hope for reasons to get AWS certification.

Reasons to get the AWS Certification:

  • Cloud services will lead the IT

An IT professional should always think according to the trend that will become the new future. It is a trend that will last for at least a decade. The cloud computing technology is all set to lead the IT infrastructure landscape in the near future. Staying at the edge of such a trend and learning everything related to it is a must for an IT professional.

The most important thing an IT professional should understand is that his career depends upon staying updated with the latest trends in order to stay relevant in the IT world. The cloud computing services are in high demand, and this is the best chance for an IT professional to achieve the AWS Certification to acquire the best skillsets and knowledge regarding cloud computing services.

  • Skills that will make you highly potent

By achieving the AWS certification, you will acquire the best skills to work readily with cloud services. You will have all the understanding related to cloud services. Presently every company is using cloud services. So these companies are also looking for certified professionals who can easily handle these services.

In such cases, the AWS Certification will show your skills and knowledge regarding cloud computing. And ultimately, it will present you as the most potent candidate to manage and monitor a company’s cloud services.

  • AWS is recognized globally

AWS has achieved global recognition in the past few years. AWS has successfully produced the best professionals with the best skills and knowledge of Cloud Computing Services.

Currently, every organization irrespective of size is hunting for AWS Certified Professionals, who can handle the cloud services effectively. This opens the gateway of opportunities across the globe, for the professionals who have achieved the AWS certification.


If you were willing to change your domain in IT, this certification could be your ticket to paradise for sure. It is difficult to achieve, but if you have a passion for achieving it, then, no-one can stop you from achieving it.