Things You Should Avoid During The First Date


It goes without saying that dating is a beautiful thing. Not only do you always feel good knowing that someone somewhere actually cares about you, but you get the satisfaction of caring about somebody else as well.

However, dating isn’t that smooth as you might know. It requires a clear understanding of your partner’s character as well as mistakes. Additionally, getting the right partner can be an uphill task.

So whether you are actively looking for a partner to date in dating sites such as Tinder or IRL, always be prepared to kiss a thousand frogs before finding your perfect fit.

Generally, dating has never been easy. In recent times, a vast majority of people have lamented the effects of social media and different dating platforms on actual dating.

While these tools have made human interaction much simpler, they have also contributed to numerous headaches.

So while these human advisers are complicated, what should you avoid during your first date? Are you required to take a custom gift with you or not?

Always remember that there’s no second chance to the first impression. The way you conduct yourself goes a long way in determining whether you will actually get to the second date.

Read along to find out what you should always avoid at all costs during your first date.

Avoid  past romantic relationships

While first dates are always the most difficult, you should always ensure to avoid raising questions about past relationships.

The number of partners your date had in the past is none of your business. If you are the kind of person to inquire about such lines, then you’d better sit down and reflect on your priorities before commuting to a partner.

In the same context, you should always ensure to avoid asking your date why they are single. It is very uncouth of you to ask such a question.

Remember that you are both presumably on the date in order to find your soulmates. So grilling your date on why they are single will be viewed as condescending or even invasive.

Avoid Criticism

It goes without saying that you should not be rude to your date. This cuts across the board, so it doesn’t matter if you are on your first date or third.

However, rudeness can manifest itself in different ways. So how will you know if you are rude to your partner? One of the most common ways is through criticizing your date e.g criticizing the size of their nose, eyes e.t.c

Additionally, offering unsolicited advice to your partner can be viewed as a subtle disrespect. This is another form of expressing rudeness to your date.

Remember that you are there to impress your date and if you don’t find them fit enough, you can simply be nice to your date. Being nice won’t break a bone!

Avoid Using Your Phone Constantly

It’s utterly awful to get dressed in your best dress, walk through the butterflies of found on a date for the first time and overall putting yourself out there only to find your partner not paying attention to what you are saying. How will you feel?

Now put yourself in the situation of such a person. Even if you look at your phone with all the good intentions, constantly perusing your phone will give your date the impression that you are stonewalling them.

Always ensure to put your phone away. Even if you don’t subscribe to what your partner is saying, at least make an effort to show that you deeply care about what they are saying.

While you will be awkwardly tempted to pull your phone back, ensure to resist the urge. Keep on pushing through with the conversation. In the long run, this habit will prove more beneficial in other different social gatherings.

Monopolizing the conversation

The first date is always aimed at getting to know the other person well, hoping that you are going to forge a formidable connection in the process. Like any other human, the only sure way is to engage in a respectful conversation with the tour date.

Most often, this is quite simple. But what happens if your date is not the type to start conversations? In that case, you can ask your date about themselves. Find out their hobbies or what they normally enjoy doing. Invite your date to talk about what they love or hate in a partner. All of this should be done in a respectful manner.

At the same time, ensure to actively listen to the replies that your date is giving. This gives you an opportunity to engage your date more on common grounds.

This, of course, doesn’t mean that you should keep silent all the while. Definitely, your date will want to know different things about you as well.  Always ensure to respond to your date by offering your own thoughts.

Avoid Expectations

One of the most tantalizing things about going for a first date is not knowing what to expect from your date. While this may be daunting, you should always take it as a blessing in disguise.

You should always remember that when going to your first date, you, just like your date, are hoping to get something out of the date. Most likely, you will be hoping to Mae a good impression and end up securing a second date. Even so, it’s of utmost importance not to hike up your expectations.

To help in minimizing any high expectations, it’s of utter importance to always prepare your mind for what to expect. While preparing your mind, set your standards to a more moral and ethical inclination.

Where physical desires are involved, always keep in mind that the first date is to allow ample time for growth and comfort. At least, you’d always expect your date to respect both your emotional and physical boundaries. To that effect, it only makes sense to accord your date with such respect.