Things To Know About Custom Wardrobes


The wardrobe is a quintessential piece of furniture in your house. If there are too many things to keep in your wardrobe, the best thing is to customize them. You can hire trained carpenters and talk about the whole height, width and the locking system of the wardrobe.

The latter one, however, dates long back in the history of wardrobes. The wall-mounted wardrobes are relatively newer entrants in the market but have won hearts, nonetheless. We will discuss in this article the many differences of custom wardrobes based on their style. We will also tell you why it is beneficial for you to install a custom wardrobe over ready-to-install ones.

Custom Wardrobe
Custom Wardrobe

How can a custom wardrobe add a distinct appeal to your house?

If you look back into the history of the wardrobe, the earliest wardrobe was after all a mere chest until it received some amount of luxury. When luxury met utility, custom wardrobe incepted and has slowly carved a niche in the market since. To tell you, one cans oomph up the luxury in a custom wardrobe by simply going wise with the material. Wood, as we all know, looks distinctly sophisticated and when used in a custom wardrobe, the entire setting completely stands out. The other varied materials that you can use in custom wardrobes are veneer, laminate, etc.

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What are the benefits of installing custom wardrobes?

It can be a really difficult task to shop for the wardrobes. However, if you know about some really simple benefits of custom wardrobes, you will never want to look any further.

Below discussed are the advantages of custom wardrobes:

Custom wardrobes maximize the space:

As opposed to the free-standing wardrobes, built-in wardrobes can be accommodated in any kind of space. It helps to keep your house clutter-free and saves a lot of space thereby. Custom wardrobes, after all, are just an extension of your wall. Hence, they can completely be your savior when you have less space in your house and yet want to make it look bigger.

Custom Wardrobe
Custom Wardrobe

They can complement your interiors:

If you install built-in wardrobes, it automatically becomes a part of your house and the design process. If you enlist the help of professional custom wardrobe designers, you can completely ask them to keep the designs in sync with the entire setting of your house so that everything looks perfect for you. You should choose the materials for your house in terms of your sense of style. You can choose peach, cream and white colors that blend well with the rest of your décor. Brass, copper and nickel knobs can be suitable with sliding and single door for cabinets.

You can use integrated lighting in custom wardrobes:

Integrated lighting doesn’t only make the space look luminous but also make it completely worthwhile. In the same manner, as sophisticated materials accentuate the appeal of the custom wardrobe, the integrated lighting makes the space look classy apart from making it easier for you to find clothes or other items. You have two options at hand; either you can go for spotlights at the top of your wardrobe or LED strip light for the interior shelves.

You will confront several issues when it comes to installing a custom wardrobe in your house. With these tips handy, there will be no chance of landing a wrong decision as they make you privy of the different styles available in custom wardrobes. You can now buy flatpack wardrobes, where you can assemble the wardrobe parts and make innovative designs. wood, metal and wrought iron are much in use, and you can experiment for small trendy homes, or for traditional heavy designs for a bungalow.

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