Things to do on an all-girls escapade to Andaman Island

Andaman Holidays
Andaman Holidays

Andaman Islands – the archipelago with 159 small islands in the Bay of Bengal is a serene, tranquilizing and splendid travel destination. With white-sand beaches, turquoise clear waters, British era ruins, and untouched beauty of nature it invites travelers from all parts of the world for a relaxing holiday. With the rise of women travelers, Andaman Holidays is a promising tourist destination for an all-girls escapade.

The luxury resorts and spa, iconic scenery from the hilltops, an unending array of beaches, opportunities of water sporting and Instagram friendly beauty of the beaches – all come together for a fun time for the girls to wander through the myriad of Andaman Islands and rever its presence. Here are some of the exciting things the girls can do on their all-girls escapade to Andaman Holidays.

Visit the past with Port Blair

After you land at the Port Blair Airport, after a quick relaxation its time to explore India’s old port and British Era hub. Port Blair, the capital city of Andaman, was a major hub for import and export back in the days. And due to the place being a pivotal one for the Independence movement, there are certainly some truly amazing places to visit. Take a tour of the port where the boats and ships continue to import and export goods from various countries. Take a cruise ride from Port Blair to numerous nearby islands. Visit the Cellular Jail known for its iconic design and revering tales from the Independence era.

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Get adventurous at Havelock Island

Havelock Island is the lifeline of the Andaman Islands with its astounding beauty and endless adventurous activities. This island with its pristine white sand beach, glorious scenic view and the tranquilizing waterfront is an exceptional place to let go of your inhibitions and dive into the water.

Here you can take a scuba dive into the water to view the coral reefs and meet the marine animals, experience Under Sea Walk, or just snorkel your way for a fun time exploring the sea. From glass boat rides to banana rides, parasailing and jet skiing there are endless adventure sports to spend the day feeling the adrenaline rush. The nearby cafes and shacks offer the right balance of food and relaxation to cherish the sunset after a funfilled day!

The tranquility of Neil Island

An antidote to the funfilled Havelock Island, Neil Island is a silent, serene and splendid destination to spend time in nature. Hop on the scooters to explore the vivid beaches at Neil Island and witness the grandeur of nature in its bounty way. The beaches of Laxmanpur and Bharatpur are the most popular but there are endless virgin beaches to spend some undisturbed time with your girls. The luxury resorts of Neil island also promise a comfortable stay while bringing some classic pubs that let you unwind with tropical drinks, good music, and positive vibes. It’s a paradise conglomerating nature’s goodness and opportunities to enjoy the tropical life!

Try more adventures at North Bay Island

Another exciting and adventurous Island floating with the Andamans is the North Bay Island. A short ferry ride from Port Blair, the North Bay is widely known for its vast coral reefs and scuba diving experiences. For a fun time sailing, hop on the glass bottom boat and enjoy the pleasant view of the water as you sail over it. At the North Bay Island, the untouched beauty of nature surprises you at every step.

Clear turquoise water with amazing diving opportunities can give you a close-up view of the coral reefs, sea turtles and endless array of fishes to explore the underwater life. Join the water sporting activities with your friends to experience a myriad of exciting adventures and lock in memories of a lifetime.

Feel the beauty of Radha agar Beach

Awarded as one of Asia’s best beaches and the seventh-best in the world – Radhanagar beach is a slice of heaven on earth. The lofty greenery, serene silence, white sand beach, and pristine beauty of the beach immediately captures and mind and brings out the romantic side of you. In the comfortable seclusion of the Radhanagar Beach take near the waves, click pictures as you spend time chatting and having fun with your girls. It’s the most iconic and relaxing beach of Andaman making you want to spend an entire day walking, exploring and relaxing by the beach. Owing to its magical beauty, you are bound to feel relaxed and energized.

Relax in the laps of luxury

The Andaman Islands is an exotic tropical holiday destination that unlocks your time to relax and rejuvenate in nature. The luxury resorts and hotels of Andaman are designed to meet the luxury needs and rejuvenation therapies. When traveling with your best friends, it’s a perfect destination to dive into some luxury indulgences and pamper yourself. With ayurvedic resorts, spa abodes and massage centers make way for traditional massages, spa sessions and more. Spend time experiencing the beauty of pampering and get renewed feels. Dive into swimming pools, sip on tropical drinks and watch the golden hues of the sunset from your resort island.

Party like never before!

Although Andaman has been always tagged as a tropical holiday destination for unwinding, it has also emerged as a party destination. Some of the iconic luxury resorts in Andaman host pubs and lounges with luxury surroundings, beautiful ambiance and quality music. Dress up and dive into a musical night with your friends to spend an evening dancing, singing and celebrating womanhood. It is indeed unignorable to rejoice Andaman Islands without partying by the beach.

The outline of excellent seafood, tropical drinks and music makes for an unbeatable aura that builds up time that you never forget!

The Andaman Islands come with new facets to explore with every new island you hop on. From the British Era history to water sports, romantic beaches and ultimate party zones – it brings together a myriad of experiences for an all-girls escapade to be filled with new experiences. Hop on the flight and make way for Andaman – it’s a perfect destination to create everlasting memories with your girlfriends!

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