Things That One Can Learn From Chess


There are plenty of things outside the school that a child can learn and both parents and teachers must encourage them to learn new things which will help them to develop their critical thinking and analytical power.

Playing chess is definitely one of the things that can help the children to increase their thinking power. One can enrol their child for chess coaching in East Delhi so that they can learn the game and also get the benefits out of it. Here are some skills that a child can learn:

Problem solving

Chess, in its most basic shape is almost same as a big puzzle. Chess teaches one the different ways to solve a problem on the move as they keep progressing in the play. It also helps them to play timed games. There has been a study which has been conducted on school children which has showed that students who have been enrolled to a chess training at least for a week has been able to solve problems quickly than others.

Abstract reasoning

Those who learn playing chess can also strengthen their abstract thinking abilities. This happens because one needs to learn to acknowledge the game patterns in the game and then create techniques which are based on those patterns. Abstract thinking skills here mostly complement the problem solving and these are the 2 most useful things that can child can learn when they are enrolled to a chess class.

Coping with pressure

Few sports have as many possibilities as chess which help one to learn how to stay composed and calm even if they are under a strong pressure. When children start playing games of timed moves then they can easily weigh the current situation that they are in and then at least matching twice to get the next possible move right on time. A child should know how to make a thoughtful decision under pressure when they are in a real life situation and also try to remain calm under different choices.


Chess games usually end in 40 moves till one player appears to be the winner over other. Any of these actions can be meticulously prepared, measured and then carried out. The ethic of being patient is thus injected in children because they are engrossed in meticulous calculation.

Creative thinking

The chess players must develop creative thinking skills in order to win. There is definitely a need to envision what happens with any kind of potential move on the board and then they can come up with new idea. The best chess coaching classes in east Delhi will help them to develop creative thinking skills.

Analytical thinking

This is a skill which incorporates all the skills that have been mentioned above. The children learn to be careful at the right moment so that they can take a major leap and also learn from their failures so that they can do better next time. They understand how to create and then implement something.

Chess is the best way on how one can learn how to take life gracefully.