Theory of Himalayan Rock Salt


Salt is a mineral containing Na Cl as its major component. It has been commonly used for long as a food ingredient and a food preserving element. Salt is important for life as our body needs it to perform various body functions.

Today, almost 14000 different uses of salt have been estimated. Yes! You read it right 14000 ways to use the salt have been reported by the salt institute.

Salt is either harvested from the salt mines or obtained by evaporating the sea water.

Rock salt:

The salt mined directly from the underground salt deposits (mines) is called the rock salt. It is the purest and the least processed kind of salt.

What is rock salt?

Let’s discuss the rock salt in detail

Rock salt, commonly named as mineral halite is a sedimentary rock formed by the evaporation of sea water.

The rock salt deposits are found beneath the layers of the earth or within mountain ranges. They have enormously developed as the result of the evaporation of ancient seas and lakes millions of years ago.  These deposits are rare and are found in the areas with an arid climate. The rock salt is also called Khewra salt, Himalayan rock salt and Pink salt.

Himalayan rock salt:

Himalayan rock salt is the salt that exclusively comes from the khewra mine located in Pakistan. it is the largest mine in Pakistan and the second largest in the world.

Himalayan rock salt is the most popular kind of salt, widely used for its taste and health perks. It is the purest form of salt which is harvested with hands. Unlike common table salt, it is not chemically bleached and has no anti caking agent.

It contains sodium and chloride as the primary component and 84 trace elements and minerals like magnesium, potassium, iron oxide and zinc. These minerals make it a healthy substitute for any other type of salt.

The Himalayan salt has mostly a light pinkish tint due to the presence of minerals in it. However, the salt crystals can also be orange or white depending on the occurrence of other impurities in it.

The story of Himalayan rock salt:

Himalayan salt (halite) is the rock salt mined from the salt deposits formed approx 250 million years ago as a result of the evaporation of sea water. These deposits remain covered by the mountains until they were discovered by Alexander The Great around the year 326 BC.

The large scale mining of the Himalayan rock salt began in 16th century by the Mughal Emperors.

The ancient people had been using the salt to preserve food. It was widely used as an essential ingredient in ayurvedic medicines. it was named as white gold or king of salt due to its immense healing benefits.

Himalayan salt benefits:

Here are some of the most accepted health benefits of the Himalayan rock salt which make it superior as compared to the common table salt.

  1. It balances the PH of the body cells.
  2. The use of Himalayan salt reduces muscle aches and cramps
  3. It Improves digestion.
  4. Bones become healthy and strong.
  5. The Himalayan salt has less sodium in it and that is why it helps in regulating the blood pressure.
  6. Drinking sole water removes toxins from our body, helps in keeping the metabolism active and the energy levels high.
  7. It boosts immunity.
  8. The Himalayan salt lamp is considered best to treat the allergies and respiratory disorders
  9. Our vascular health is improved.
  10. Signs of aging are reduced.
  11. There is a Better absorption of food by the intestine
  12. Himalayan rock salt keeps us hydrated.
  13. It promotes our sleep.
  14. The Himalayan salt lamps act as an air purifier.
  15. When used as a cleanser, the Himalayan rock salt removes dirt and makes the skin fresh and healthy.
  16. The Himalayan salt water can be used to gargle to treat a sore throat.
  17. Taking a salt bath by dissolving Himalayan salt in warm water relaxes you after a tiring day.

Himalayan salt lamp:

The Himalayan salt lamps are the decorating accessories which not only add enchantress and beauty to your home but also serve a lot of health merits.

They are handmade with pure and authentic Himalayan rock salt. The lamps are beautifully carved in a variety of shapes and sizes. When lit, the Himalayan salt lamp scatters a pretty amber warm glow which creates a sense of calmness and peacefulness.

The lamp comes in the form of a big unique shaped salt chunk placed on the wooden base. The chunk is hollowed out and a bulb is inserted in the centre.

Benefits of Himalayan salt lamp:

The Himalayan salt lamp

  1. Cleanses and deodorizes the air by removing bacteria and dust particles.
  2. Minimizes humidity and moisture.
  3. Reduces stress.
  4. Relieves asthma, pollen allergy, dust allergy and other respiratory problems.
  5. Improves sleep.
  6. Lessens the effect of electromagnetic radiations.
  7. Alleviates the symptoms of common cold
  8. Boosts energy levels

How do they work?

The credit for the health charms of the Himalayan salt lamp goes to the hygroscopic nature of the Himalayan salt and the negative ions that are produced by the lamps.

The Himalayan salt lamp absorbs the water molecules and decreases the humidity from the air. When lit, it produces negative ions which attract the positive ions and the pollutants present in the air thus providing a purified environment. It is claimed by the research that the negative ions help in promoting the blood flow in our body and also help us sleep better by creating positive vibes all around.


Now when we have talked a lot about the benefits of this magical salt, it is justified to say that the Himalayan salt due to its purity and magnificence is not less than a nature’s precious  gift and we have no reason left to make it a must have in our food and a home décor accessory.