The Usage and Advantages of a Foamex Board


When you are in the market looking out for signage that suits all your needs, the considerations regarding the type of material you should use is perhaps a primary concern that will cross your mind. Now before we tell you about why Foamex board printing is probably one of the best ways to go for, let us begin by offering you an insight into why you should consider it for your signage and what are the various kinds of usage and advantages that printed Foamex can provide you:

Let us first start with what is Foamex really used for? In simplistic terms, we can tell you that the material is generally used for making signage, banners, or even display panels that can be used in trade shows, exhibitions, etc. Owing to the fact that it has a smooth cellular structure, it has now become one of the most favourite choices for printers when they want a material that is going to give them the best results. Foamex comes in a variety of sizes, ranging from 1 mm to 19 mm, however, generally, the sizes that are used the most are 3 mm and 5 mm. 

It all boils down to one thing, printed Foamex is capable of giving you results that are high definition, aesthetically pleasing to look at and most importantly they appear to be of a far more expensive quality than its contemporaries in the same price point. Hence, if you are looking for an option that is also cost-efficient for you, then Foamex board printing is actually worth it.

Having told you about how you can utilize Foamex, let’s come to the next point, which is what are the various kind of advantages that it can provide for your business:

  • Longevity and Cost-Efficiency: First of all, a Foamex board is extremely cost-effective as well as durable in nature, now these are two qualities that one definitely needs out of the kind of signage material they are planning to use. It gives you a smooth finish as well as high-quality print, and apart from this, it is extremely flexible in nature so it can be moulded according to whatever your design needs might be. This trait of Foamex board printing, allows designers to harness their creativity completely and create beautiful designs that will come to life. Ranging from creating banners to graphic panels, when you compare it to other materials that are available in the market such as plywood, MDF, etc. a printed Foamex always stands out, on both the markers of durability as well as cost-efficiency.
  • Outdoor Signage: Due to the fact that Foamex is generally water repellent as well as 100% weatherproof, it makes it quite perfect for outdoor signage. Not only will it be able to stand the harsh sun, but it will also not buckle under moist weather hence, printed Foamex is one of the best choices out there since the wear and tear caused by the weather outside is not as much. Owing to this property, once you invest in a Foamex board for your outdoor signage, at least for the next 3 to 5 years you can be stress-free as it will last and stand the test of time.
  • Easily Mountable: Foamex is both strong as well as durable and not to mention rigid. Owing to these properties coupled with the fact that it is also light in weight, it is quite easy to mount a Foamex board as opposed to other materials such as Dibond, plywood, aluminium, etc. You could use a variety of mounting accessories ranging from Velcro, two double-sided tapes, screws, etc. In fact, its stability is so fantastic that once you mount it using the methods we mentioned above, you will get perfect stability without having to worry about fixing it again and again. With the various kinds of thickness that the material is available in, you can choose the level of stability that you want with varying thickness. For example, if you are using the material for indoor signage, using a 3 mm Foamex board or a 5 mm one  will give you enough stability, with the 5 mm board being more stable. Similarly, when you  are talking about outdoor signage you should generally start from 5 mm boards if the signage is large and go on to at least 10 mm if you’re looking at a large hoarding. Hence, coming back to the original point, Foamex is quite an easy material to mount, and once mounted it can stay stable for a while allowing you multiple usage in terms of both aesthetic pleasantness and durability.
  • Lightweight: As we have mentioned this factor above, we will just elaborate on it a little further, emphasizing on why the lightweight characteristic of a Foamex Board is so important. This property is especially useful when you want a hassle-free mounting, so much so that it does not even have to be a job for two people and you can individually take care of mounting your printed Foamex Board, with ease and free of any hassles. This is one of the reasons why even if you want to create temporary signage it is extremely easy for your staff to handle and you can mount or dismount the signage whenever you please.

So there you have it, here are the usages as well as the advantages that Foamex offers you. Owing to the fact that a lot of businesses do not want to spend too much money on signage, which could be due to the fact that they don’t want to mount the signage for a very long time and want to keep updating it, even in such scenarios this material is perfect since it is quite cost-effective. Hence when you are looking for a high-quality printing material that is going to offer you bang for your buck and not compromise on quality at the same time, going for Foamex board the great idea that is going to benefit your business greatly.