The Ultimate Free Business Directory List for the USA

How to Start a Business Canada
How to Start a Business Canada

When we talk about local SEO, a lot of people tend to assume that the service is more like magic that can get their businesses the potential customers in no time. But unfortunately, that perception is far stretched from reality as getting your business up in Google rankings even for your area and desired keywords is a wholesome process that involves a lot of steps and among them, one major contributor is registering your business in a local business directory. 

Now after knowing the significance of registering your business in an online directory, the first problem for any business owner arises in the form of identifying the best free listing sites to make the cause possible. This is where we tend to help, only because we care about your business thriving in the USA as much as you do.  All you are required to do is visit these sites and then register your business with all the necessary details required. You will definitely thank us later. 


Citylocal 101

It doesn’t really matter which sector of the services industry you belong to, as long as you have the aim to make your small or medium-sized business grow in any part of the USA, then Citylocal 101 should be your number one priority. 

The platform now serves to be a paradise based on a large user community for areas that may not even be available on other competitor listing sites. The user experience is extremely swift for any new business owner and in case, your business already exists on the site before you could register, claim your listing to see your business name going up in SERPs. 

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Insider Pages 

If your business is all about health and medical services, home and garden, hair and beauty services, auto services or is pet related and you are looking for a business listing site that is fresh, has little competitors registered but the number of users are great coming from respective areas then choose Insider Pages with your eyes closed. On the site, you can list your business contact information, physical address, hours of operation, description, Google Map marker, plenty of reviews with star ratings, and offer  Facebook Like button to the users only to let them rate your service in terms of a “thumbs up”. Moreover, the best part is that the site also offers a link back to your website. 

Express Update USA (InfoUSA)

Are you looking for a business listing site that actually has a massive database of businesses and holds good affiliations with top search engines, as well as other local business directories, then it has to be the ExpressUpdate USA ticking off all the requirements. 

The platform is also more loved by the potential customers of services mostly because of the ease and value it provides in terms of searching for the one contractor. 

Merchant Circle

Here comes the turn of one of the most popular American business listing services – Merchant Circle. The site has made its name by retrieving information from yellow pages and therefore you can also expect to have your business already listed on the business page. 

The magic of Merchant Cycle lies in the dashboard as it offers plenty of editing options for you to change the details of the business from time to time and just the way you like. On Merchant Cycle, you can also give a link of your blog, products, and services, sales, deals and coupons, newsletters, pictures, videos, widgets, answers, and advertisements, all by even connecting them to your website. 

While you may find a lot of free business listing names in the market, these are the brands that we think every business can trust.