The Topmost Information Technology Trends of 2020

Businessman working using laptop computer with strategy and growth of business on screen

The constant need for innovation is the topmost priority for the survival of any business.  Every sector whether its education or healthcare integrates IT, to fulfill customer-centric requirements most efficiently and effectively possible. Similarly, so is the case in software design and development, that witness the constant change in technology, ranging from new programming languages to hardware innovative technologies, has opened up possibilities to implement functionality in new ways. Custom software developers must be up to date with the latest tools and technologies, being adaptable and flexible respectively. However, some of the most popular and hot trends in the IT sector are as follows.

  • Artificial Intelligence

AI focuses on machine intelligent practices that extend far beyond the possibilities of what a human mind can perform. Machines are programmed to do daily tasks of what humans can perform and far beyond that ranging from gathering heaps of customer data, to machine learning ways to perform a daily operation, reducing the need for the manual labor force. Many software services Companies hire developers to design and develop algorithms to make business tasks simpler and faster to perform more than what a human mind can do. Web app developers have the opportunity to provide AI solutions to sectors such as banking, healthcare, restaurants.

  • IoT

The internet of things has enabled several devices to be connected that can be controlled and monitored by not only smartphones but from a range of artificially intelligent devices. An example of an IoT device is “Google Home” that extends the possibility to fully automate the house, with just a voice command can be operated fully. Basic devices such as light bulbs, fans, air conditioning units and many more. Always on and always communicating IoT devices make it easier to monitor and track technology. In addition, it enhances life with new and efficient solutions to technologies.

  • Introduction to New Programming Languages

With the rapid advancement of new technologies has also led to emerging programming languages and frameworks to program them. This makes it crucial for developers to constantly be aware of new languages, to offer new functionality that is efficient and cost-effective as well. for instance, Python being a popular programming language has helped gather data and analyze it through the creation of graphs, to get a deeper understanding of data, analyzing patterns of let’s say consumer buying behaviors or regression models. Software Services Company now emphasizes cross-platform development tools, developing apps across multiple platforms and operating systems.

  • Cybersecurity

Security is an essential parameter and a primary concern in today’s time. As new technologies evolve so does the opportunities for black hat hackers to infiltrate any system or network, for instance, hackers planting trap doors to access software, and bloat it with malicious code is just one of the examples of prohibited access. Professional developers must implement a high level of security in web apps, keeping data integrity. Lost or stolen data can make users worry about their data being misused, even a risk of identity theft exists that could be problematic for the software services company and the user as well.

  • Progressive Web Apps

Websites offer a convenient digital way to be run across multiple devices, using any browser, but are unable to take advantage of device hardware to improve and enhance user functionality. Progressive apps offer the utilization of both hardware and software capabilities to reach maximum potential by offering an experience of an app on a website. Software services companies focus on offering development of progressive applications, implementing hardware capabilities. For instance, the use of biometrics to make instant app purchases and some other services, improving and maximizing performance.

Technological trends are rapidly changing within years, with machines having greater capabilities to perform operations at a much faster rate, following the introduction of quantum computing that will provide a breakthrough, surpassing all statistics of what a normal computer can perform.