The Skinny On Health: Here’s How to Get Wholesale Health and Dental Supplies for Cheap


The global medical health supplies market was an $80 billion industry in 2019. By 2026, experts project it to reach a staggering worth of $95.04 billion.

That’s on top of dental consumables, which experts say is a $30 billion industry this 2021. Come 2026; they project the dental supplies sector to be worth a whopping $47.4 billion.

All those figures highlight the growing demand for medical and oral care necessities. Fortunately, these products are available wholesale, letting buyers save on costs and time.

This guide covers all the key facts about buying these essential supplies in bulk, so be sure to read on.

Check Promotions and Deals

Buying in bulk can save you money as wholesale costs are generally lower than retail. That’s because it costs less to make, label, package, and ship, say, 100 units of an item to a single buyer than to 100 buyers. For example, a 10% larger packaged grocery item can have an average unit price 5% lower than a smaller package.

That wholesale pricing concept applies to other goods, including medical and dental supplies.

However, you can save even more by buying discounted medical and dental supplies in bulk. Manufacturers and suppliers often run these deals before the end of a fiscal quarter. They usually do this to so that they can report higher sales by the end of the financial quarter.

So, always make it a habit to scour the web for quarterly promotions on your medical or dental supply needs.

Use a Comparison Website

The United States alone is home to over 6,500 medical device companies. That doesn’t even include those that manufacture and supply medical and dental consumables.

Sifting through all those companies can take forever, but thankfully, you don’t need to do that. You can take advantage of websites designed to compare these dental supply companies. You can also find comparison platforms specific to medical devices and supplies.

Such websites use software that collects product information from different companies. These programs sort the data based on factors such as type, price, and availability.

So, when you search for a product, say, home health supplies, you’ll get multiple results in one go. From there, you can use search filters to narrow down your potential options further. You can then review the top results to find out which company offers the best wholesale prices.

Don’t Online Shop as a Guest

Many medical and dental supply companies and comparison sites offer online discounts. Most of these money-saving deals, in turn, are exclusive to site members. So, before you start shopping online for dental and medical supplies, be sure to sign up as a site member.

As a bonus, becoming a member makes it easier to reorder supplies that you’re running low on. For example, some websites allow you to save “favorites” on your account. These can be the products your home or practice goes through the fastest, such as gloves or masks.

By saving them as your favorites, you don’t have to search for them again once it’s time to reorder. Instead, you only have to click on the reorder button and have the items shipped to your saved address.

Save Money and Time When Buying Medical and Dental Supplies

As you can see, buying medical and dental supplies doesn’t have to be a pain, nor does it have to cost you an arm and a leg. So long as you follow the smart strategies for wholesaling, you can save time and money on future orders.

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