The Role Of Technology In Improving The Health And Beauty Industry

health and Beauty

Beauty and technology – sounds too unfitting? Well, this is a new age, where technology is in everything and is integrated into every segment of our lives. So, what’s wrong with technology renovating the beauty and healthcare sector? Nothing! Disruptive technologies are breaking all conventions and changing the way we perceive life in general. 

From personalised AI and AR (Augmented Reality) to simple advancements in tools and equipment, technology is being applied to everything. Be it putting multiple filters on your images to achieve that ‘flawless skin’ look, or applying makeup through AI-integrated mobile applications, we are already on the verge of transforming the beauty and healthcare industry. 

But, do you know that some amazing health and beauty care products have been developed in the last few years to assist you in looking and feeling your best? If you haven’t, scroll on! 

Smart cosmetics

Just like Smartphones and other smart wearables, smart cosmetics are AI-enabled tools that help you keep a track of your skin requirements, makeup and other related stuff. For example, there are UV ray sensors that help you keep your sun exposure in the safe limits. Then there is the Hi Mirror that gives you a detailed analysis of your skin condition. HelloAva is yet another AI-enabled smart beauty device that recommends makeup and cosmetic products based on your skin type. These smart cosmetic products are going to shape the future of the beauty industry. And many reputable brands are already investing chunks of money to take the beauty-tech revolution to another level. 

Posture-correcting technology

Inaccurate posture not only affects your appearance but also your musculoskeletal health in the long run. The posture-correcting devices include posture-enhancing shirts that offer some level of compression to keep the wearer in the right posture, gadgets with attached Bluetooth devices that alert you whenever you tend to slouch, and other innovative products. Although you can always go the traditional way to improve your posture by practising yoga and opting for physical therapy, these wearables aim to make the task way easier and time-effective. 

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Hair growth laser devices

These have been around for quite some time now. However, the latest innovations are more convenient for everyday domestic use, in case you don’t wish to visit the laser therapy clinics every week. The conventional laser therapy is also expensive, and by purchasing one of these amazing products, you can get all the benefits with a one-time investment. The laser products use non-invasive laser rays to strengthen your hair follicles and promote hair growth. They are available in a range of styles, from headbands to helmets and laser guns, so that you have no dearth of options to choose from. 

Fun brushing products

Do you detest the idea of brushing your teeth every morning? Well, tech products have also come up that makes brushing your teeth an experience that you look up to every day. These high-tech brushes have sensor lights that help you apply the right amount of pressure on your gums and cleans like no ordinary brush. Besides giving you the best smile, they will also enhance your oral health to a huge extent. No more 30-40 seconds of moving your toothbrush aimlessly inside your mouth! 

Facial Massagers

Some of the best health and beauty care products, facial massagers can be found in plenty in the market today. They not only give your face a good massage to help in blood circulation but also cleanse and exfoliate your skin and make it look younger in no time. Some of these products are also waterproof and can be used in the baths and showers without any fear of damage. If you suffer from under-eye puffiness or skin inflammations, some reputed brands offer you facial massagers that help get rid of such issues effectively. 

Eyebrow shaper

Plucking your brows can be quite a painful experience for many. But thanks to technology, you need not spend your hard-earned money to invite pain. You can opt for the non-invasive eyebrow-shaping handheld machines to do it yourself at home. These are battery-powered tiny epilators designed mainly for your brows and facial hair, and you can use them easily, even if you don’t have much idea of beauty and makeup. 

Not only health and beauty, but the future of any kind right now is dependent on technology. It would be unwise to resist the wave of change that’s coming to reshape the industry and increase its bottom line. Some of these products are already available in the reputed eCommerce stores. However, if you plan to buy the health and beauty tech products online, you should check the background, reputation, reviews and certification of the company before investing.