The Real Truth About Divorce



Sometimes you feel like you’re already drifting aimlessly through your marriage. Maybe your partner no longer makes you feel secured, important, nor loved— and there seem to be no signs that things will get better. Maybe you’re constantly having money worries, unpleasant fights, or maybe just plain indifference towards each other? Truth is, indifference can be the most brutal thing to deal with. After all, money worries are quite common but as long as both parties are willing to seek advice and work together in an honest partnership, then that could help save the marriage.

There are a lot of support sources that can help you with your problems, and heading straight for divorce may only increase your dilemma. Thinking about getting a divorce without really trying to find a way forward in your relationship can also cause more problems in the future, especially when you have unresolved issues as this usually affects the children. One way of moving forward is to reach out and ask for help.

Would counselling be beneficial?

Whether you decide to go through the divorce or not, counselling is still important. Why, you ask? Well, divorce does bring a lot of problems particularly for the children. The failure to communicate and lack of trust could potentially lead to more problems. On the other hand, attempting to work things out through mediation or counselling could lead to better decisions.

Do you still want a divorce?

Despite going through marriage counselling and trying to save the relationship again and again— yet somehow it still didn’t work— at this stage, you’ve probably decided to go with divorce. Now this is a life-changing event and not just for the couple, as it greatly affects the children as well. The whole idea of divorce should not be taken lightly; unless assets are at risk, or worse, domestic violence is involved.

Who can help?

Family and relationships is really of high value, so when things go wrong we sometimes do not know who to turn to. Family members and close friends are all emotionally engaged and despite their best efforts and intentions, some of them usually take sides.

Separation and divorce can really be an emotional roller coaster. Having constant and unbiased support from professional divorce solicitors who are highly trained to listen to your worries, and help you find your way out of this situation is really crucial. A professional divorce solicitor can provide a more detached point of view and may offer a platform for you and your partner to share your feelings in a civil manner and ultimately find a way to move on.

There can be different sides to a divorce: his, hers, and the children’s. Seeking for professional help is necessary when it comes to situations like these, so step back and cautiously consider all your options.