Italian meal

The Italians like to spend most of their time with their family and friends. They spend many weekends like it is a festival or special occasion. When there is a religious or cultural celebration; they plan meals that are extravagant.

Whole Day Meal Structure

On various festivities, the people gather together and celebrate the occasion the whole day. Very special meals are prepared by using different traditional Italian ingredients bought from Italian Food Store USA.

Breakfast Is Called Colazione

The day starts with breakfast consisting of coffee with hot milk for the adults; which is served with rolls, bread, Italian rusk and cookies. The children are given plain hot milk with a little touch of coffee or even hot chocolate.

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Pranzo Or Lunch

The usual lunch break in educational institutes, offices and other businesses is between 1 and 3 PM. There is a choice that people can either go home to have lunch or eat at the café.

Cena Or Supper

Panino is a very popular Cena or supper that you can create by the various items at the famous Italian Food Store USA. Or they can eat leftover food from lunch.

Ingredients From Italian Food Store USA

The Italian people want to make every occasion a really special one whether it is a festival or family gathered at weekends. So they use the ingredients that are found locally. You can also order the items from online stores in the US including Burrata House.

The Five-Course Formal Italian Meal Structure

The five-course meal structure that the people of Italy prepare is not just part of dinner but also it can be arranged for lunch. The traditional meal takes two hours at the most but if the people want to spend more time then the serving intervals can be increased.

Enjoying Liqueur Before The Meal

It is an Italian tradition that the guests are served liqueur as a part of an Italian meal plan. This is called Aperitivo in which the quantity of the drink is very small.

Appetizers Or Nibblers

Like all other meals in different countries, the Italian course also consists of appetizers or also known as an antipasto. This is a before meal course in which hot as well as cold dishes are served.

The Primary Or First Course

The first course or primo consists of pasta dishes. Also rice and soups are a part of the primary meals. This is not the main course.

Secondo Or the Main meal

This is actually the main course which includes ingredients like meat, rice dishes and pasta bought from best Italian Food Store USA.

The Side Dish

Contorno is a side dish which has vegetables in it. This coexists with the main course which is healthy and good for everyone.

Traditional Italian Sweets

There are a variety of Italian sweet dishes that are served after the meal that is called dolce.

Coffee With The Dolce

Sometimes different kinds of coffee with the sweets; which is an important part of the dolce.

End Of The Meal Drink

After the whole course is finished that was prepared from ingredients from Italian Food Store USA; in the end another round of liqueur called digestivo is offered so that the food can be digested.

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