The original TUFF brand Steel Ute Trays only at TUFF Bullbars Australia

Steel Ute Trays

Renowned for the legendary premium made products such as the Steel Ute Trays constructed to withstand rigorous treatment in the toughest conditions. TUFF trays are proven heavy-duty service Ute tray bodies ensuring lifetime durability.

About us

The story of TUFF can be traced back to 2002 when Phil Griffiths started the company with a handful of staff. During the starting days, it was initially a small manufacturing business, however, over the years it has evolved to be one of best-rated vehicle protection systems both nationally and internationally. The business is now proudly run by Anton Griffiths, Phil’s son and along with his staff, continuously delivers proven and tested products to meet the needs of our clients.

Each of the TUFF’s products are designed to meet quality control measures in the factory. TUFF’s team of experienced employees are highly skilled and understand that your needs the paramount to the success of the business.

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Why TUFF are the best 

  • Honest, Reliable, Dependable Service and Products
  • Experienced Team of Professionals
  • Benchmark for Quality – Quality Control Measures
  • Fit Australia Wide at Approved Fitting Locations

Learn about our products

TUFF Australia, as the name suggests is indicative that the name you are purchasing is reflected in the product, the TUFFEST vehicle after-market products, proven across Australia in the harshest conditions.

TUFF are your go-to Australian Manufacturers for Vehicle Protection Equipment such as the legendary Bullbars, Rails and Sidesteps as well, the Ute Tray Division provides our customers with an extensive range of Steel Ute Trays and Aluminum Ute Trays providing a TUFF ALL OVER asset protection experience.


If you are a constant traveller on the rural roads, you know that it is highly likely that unpredictable wildlife can cause major damage if a collision occurs on the roads. TUFF Bullbars have been proven to protect lives and vehicles in these situations. Talk to the experts at TUFF Bullbars Australia to get your vehicle fitted for the best protection.

 The following includes the exclusive range of available bull bars:

  • TUFF Nudge Bar
  • Aerostyle Bull Bar
  • TUFF 4×4 Bar
  • 2 post Bull Bars
  • 3 post Bull Bars
  • 4 post Bull Bars
  • 5 post Bull Bars

In addition, TUFF Bullbars also provide the following for additional protection

  • TUFF Side Steps
  • TUFF Brush Rails

Ute Trays:

TUFF Steel and Aluminium Ute Trays are manufactured at TUFF Headquarters with the highest quality materials to provide the highest durability and ensure value for money. Our ute trays are built for heavy-duty use, are a fully welded construction and include many standard features native to the TUFF brand ute tray range as well and optional features available to ensure the build is trade-specific. You have a choice of selecting from either alloy or steel according to environment and load conditions requirements.

  • Steel trays
  • Alloy trays

Steel Ute Trays

TUFF manufacture Steel Ute Trays with TUFF style so looking tough is a given, our Trays are built to outlast any other make of tray on the market.

Our Steel Ute Trays have both the ability and strength to take on extreme loads if you’re towing with our gooseneck options.

Some of the standardized features for TUFF Steel Ute Trays, include:

  • Mandrel-bent 76 headboard
  • Rattle proof and heavy-duty latches
  • Side steps for frontal support
  • Stainless steel capping
  • Zinc primed and coated products

Carve your own design

Our clients buy TUFF Steel Ute Trays for work and play purposes if you are deciding to buy a tray and want to ensure you will be meeting your work or play requirements, contact our professionals for more advice on your build.

If you are ready to customize your Bullbar and Steel Ute Tray to get TUFF ALL OVER, contact us today.

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