The Importance of Installing Systems for Paving Pedestals To a Building

decking pedestals

Every property owner finds ways to enhance the performance and the economic efficiency of their structure. Today, the most viable solution to meet these requirements is installing a system for paving pedestals. This method can change the supposed maintenance of a building a lot cheaper and simpler. Aside from that, it can identify and repair issues related to the waterproofing system of the roof terrace. It saves the building owners from paying costly renovation expenses to eliminate all the problem areas.

Thinking about installing this system to a property necessitates a deeper understanding of its key features to regulate the decision, design, and installation phases. With the technology of today, there are all kinds of pedestal paving systems with characteristics that can significantly influence the property’s maintenance.

A Brief Explanation Of The System

This solution involves the corners of paving slabs placed on regular pedestals, levelling the deck, and concealing the slope. This helps in draining the stormwater that will go through the opening joints found on the slabs. Usually, the pre-designed pedestals are capable of adjusting their height to obtain a levelled surface. Essentially, the pedestal system protects the waterproof layer while making a surface for individuals to move around.

Sustains Durability

When a property has a plaza or roof terrace, it must have a good drainage system. This protects the wearing surface from absorbing too much water, which speeds up the deterioration. Furthermore, installing systems for paving pedestals on roof terraces can improve its draining process a lot faster and more effectively.

The paving pedestal solution lessens the thermal shock of the waterproofing surface in roof terraces, protecting it from direct exposure to harmful radiation. Hence, the roofing system of the property lasts longer and fewer roof repairs.


Since the installation of such technology increases the property’s maintainability, it means fewer costly repairs and improved functions of facilities. Generally, there are expenses related to the building’s daily wear-and-tear that require major renovations on the affected area. By incorporating the pedestal paving system from day one, the property is fully protected from common causes and ensured not to incur skyrocketing expenses for repairs.

Provides Additional Storage Space

When a property has used the pedestal paving system, the unused area for drainage can be an additional storage space or room meant for other property installation systems like garden faucets, fire extinction hydraulics, lighting circuits, and many more. Some apartment rooftops use this area for their water pipe deviations. The solution allows greater flexibility in maximising the spaces of the property and eliminating any signs of building obsolescence.

Easy Access To Potential Maintenance And Repair Jobs

Despite the initial impression as a complex system to install, the pedestal paving technology can provide quick access for repair and maintenance jobs for subsurface components. Ergo, there is a higher chance to limit the property’s operation expense making the solution economically more enticing.

The pedestal system has several functional characteristics that foster the building’s durability. Before the property owner allows the construction to proceed, they should be aware of solutions such as this to be incorporated in the design. This may appear to be an additional cost, but the long-term benefits can compensate for the initial investment. As a smart building owner, they should always think of the long-term projection and not just the direct costs involved.