The Importance of Dryer Vent Cleaning


When it comes to home maintenance, there are so many areas of your house that require routine care. While you might focus most on your yard and appliances, there are other important parts of your home that require regular care—like your dryer vents.

Believe it or not, the cleanliness of your dryer vent plays a huge role in the overall quality of your home, as well as it’s safety. To learn more about the importance of performing preventive maintenance on your dryer, just keep reading.

Home Maintenance: When to Clean Your Dryer Vent

It’s critical to maintain appropriate air flow in the dryer vent at all times. Once a dryer cycle finishes, if the garments are still sort of moist, that’s an indication of inadequate air movement and blockage. If the lint catcher is damp after the cycle, don’t ignore it.

These are indicators that the dryer is not effectively expelling the heat, which might reduce the appliance’s effectiveness. In the worst-case scenario, a clogged dryer could cause a fire.

Just keep in mind that if your clothes or towels aren’t drying, that doesn’t always mean your dryer is faulty. Make sure you’re not over exceeding the dryer with too many garments.

How Clothes Start a Fire

Clothes dryers, sadly, are a primary source of fires. Underneath the drum, there is a vast amount of heat that reaches an extreme temperature. When the dryer vent pipe becomes clogged with lint and debris, the dryer cycle will likely exhaust the fresh elements everywhere.

A spark and oxygen are all that’s required to ignite a fire. The clothes inside of the dryer are then used as fuel for the fire.

The Importance of Air Duct Cleaning

The majority of households have no idea why indoor air quality is essential or when it needs to be improved. Even if you routinely clean your home, dirt could still be present in your air ducts. These invisible irritants make up the majority of your home’s air quality and could be harmful to your family’s health.

Heating and cooling systems circulate air through your home on a continual basis. If your ducts aren’t cleaned regularly, allergens and irritants can build up, which lowers your home’s indoor air quality.

Your family could be breathing toxic air without ever realizing it because it’s difficult to see dust, grime, and lint moving  through your home.

The majority of homeowners make an attempt to vacuum and clean their filters on a regular basis. However, your duct system may still accumulate a significant amount of dirt and dust. For routine maintenance, it’s suggested that you get your ducts professionally cleaned about every 3-5 years.

The Benefits of Dryer Vent Cleaning

Dryer cleaning maintenance isn’t just about improved air quality. There are also additional benefits, which includes the following:

Clothes Dry Faster

When you do preventative maintenance on your dryer, you don’t have to worry about drying over and over again. Your dryer will operate more effectively once the vent is clean, and you’ll be able to dry your clothing in one cycle. Overall, dryer cleaning will save you money on each load.

Reduced Energy Bills

Clearing the obstructions in the dryer vent will allow it to function more efficiently, which will save you money. Essentially, if the dryer is working harder, more power is required to dry your clothing. Your energy bill will be a lot less if your dryer doesn’t work as hard.

Preventing Fires

Built-up lint, clothing, rodents, and a variety of other combustible objects can cause blockages in your dryer. These items may trap and compress heat, resulting in a fire. Alternatively, a spark from the dryer might ignite the clog, leading it to engulf in flames.

Electrical malfunctions are also a typical source of these incidents. All of these factors can result in your dryer catching fire and destroying your property. Clogged vents might create deadly dryer fires, but thankfully you can avoid them.

Extended Dryer Life

Your dryer should last between 10 and 13 years. Cleaning the dryer screen after each usage—as well as the outdoor vents—is the most efficient way to extend the life of your dryer. Get professional cleaning maintenance to make sure your dryer lasts.

How Lint Gets Into the Dryer

Even with a lint catcher, some of the particles will flow into the vent hose. When you walk outside of your house and check the dryer vent cap, you’ll notice that it’s typically littered with lint, threads, and dirt.  Particles are dispersed throughout the vent cap’s edge, causing lint to create a thick material on the exterior.

There is usually a screen on the interior of the vent cap, which also collects lint and dirt. The problem is that you don’t want animals and birds to live inside of your dryer vent pipe. To combat against this, the designers of dryer vent covers created screen guards.

However, you should always pay attention to the lint buildup and clean it when needed. If it requires cleaning, chances are the dryer will need to be vacuumed as well.

If you need dryer cleaning, check out Residential Dryer Duct Cleaning services.

Performing Preventive Maintenance on Your Vent Dryer

As you can see, it’s imperative that you clean your vent dryers regularly. You should include it as part of your routine home maintenance to ensure that there are no fires or other hazards.

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