Three things are the most important in any person’s life; living without them is undoubtedly impossible. These are food, clothing and shelter. The food we eat gives us the much-needed energy to perform our work, clothing protects our body from the elements and shelter becomes our haven at the end of each day.

Getting the first two is possible for everyone; however, the shelter may pose a bit of trouble in its acquisition. What I mean by the shelter is a home. People all over the world live in homes. But how many of them have homes that are their own to call?

As of 2015, in the UK about 36.5% population do not own the homes they live in. This figure does come as a shock. What is even more shocking is that about 320,000 people are homeless. They do not get to have a roof over their heads when they sleep at night.

The purpose of this blog is not to highlight the situation of homelessness, but rather to accentuate the fact that ownership of a home is not the most crucial aspect. Why? Because when a person lives in a house, he shares happiness and sorrows with the walls of that place. He will be making memories that will last a lifetime inside that piece of wood and concrete. So even if the property is not his own, he will still own its memories.

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A house is converted into a home through the people who live inside it. The more love they have for each other, the better the ambience of the home is going to be. A one-bedroom flat can have a more positive and cheerful vibe than a ten-bedroom mansion. All because of the people who live inside and the bond that they share.

Imagine you live away from your loved ones, in a different country altogether. You have just bought a two-bedroom duplex, with a quaint garden in the front and a giant oak tree in the back. It is everything you ever dreamed for in a home. Despite it being your ideal home, it won’t feel like it for long. Why? Because you are living alone, you don’t have anybody to share your dream with. All your family and friends are too far away, and along with them is where your heart lies.

Most of the people, not just in the UK but the entire world, buy their home through loans. Paying for a property in a lump sum amount can be confusing to the average worker. Therefore easy loans in the UK are procured for the purchase. Even though it is the people who make a brick building livable, the family requires extensive funds for that to happen.


Inspite of the loan acquisition process being reasonably simple, there are still a considerable proportion of people who cannot apply for a loan and get it. Banks reject almost 30% of the applications that they receive because they do not fall in the set parameters.

Many of us do not have a credit score that is acceptable by the leading banks.

Many of us cannot get one person to guarantee our credibility to the bank.

Many of us cannot afford to pay an extra payment to the broker.

All these are mandatory when you choose to take a loan from a bank. There is no way you can avoid these obligations. However, if you think that banks are your only option of financing your dream home, then you are mistaken.

The financing world has evolved immensely in the 21st century. As a result, the number of options for financial aid you have are unlimited. There are numerous direct lenders and online financing portals that provide very bad credit loans with no guarantor and no broker so that you can have your home.


Just buying a piece of property is only half the battle. A few bricks and wooden planks can’t be considered a home. A home needs to have a warm and inviting feel to it. A house must represent what its owners personify.

Even the minutest of details can make this possible. For the people who have spent the lion’s share of their savings into the property purchase, it becomes complicated to invest more into the interior design of the house. So, I’ll give you a few simple, non-expensive ways to decorate your house to make it a home.

  • Photographs: take out all the pictures from your photo albums. If you can, buy frames for them. If it’s not possible, then stick to laminating the images so that they are preserved for longer. Now pick those walls in your home that do not have anything on them. Stick all the photos on them. These places can be the entryway, living space, the dining room and even your bedroom.
  • Plants: a tiny little pot of a colourful flower can liven up your house like nothing less. Instead of just one, try putting a dozen or so throughout your home. Just make sure the plants you place inside are indoor plants. They will also purify the air inside your home as a bonus.
  • Lights: a room that is bright makes its aura bright as well. There are different kinds of lights available in the market to different types of moods. From very loud to almost muted, from strip lights to the hanging ones, you can buy any kind and make your home shine like it is Christmas all year round.

Whatever you decide to do with your home, whether you even try to buy one or just rent it, is your decision entirely. However, I would want you to remember that your house will only be a home when you are happy living inside it.

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