The Elusive World of Entertainment


Since the time a child is born till the time he reaches old age, there is one constant in his life, and that is entertainment.

Whether he is reading the sports section in The Guardian or the latest edition of the Sporting Gun;

Whether he is listening to the radio or watching the television;

Whether someone is going to the cinema or the opera; being on Facebook, Intagram, Snapchat or YouTube;

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Each one of these is a form of entertainment, and each one of us indulges in it.

Think of the last time you travelled in a tube, now think of the other passengers, and were 90% of them using their cell phones? My guess would be yes, almost certainly.

Why do you think all of us are always attached to phones like a baby monkey to its mom?

The answer is boredom. Humans have an innate tendency of getting bored when they are idle or when they have been doing something for far too long and need a break. The entertainment industry helps in saving us by making our lives less mundane and more exciting.

Whenever you read a book or watch a TV show, for that period, you lose touch with reality and just imagine yourself with the protagonist, fighting his battles, grieving his losses, and enjoying his victories. This period wherein you are not yourself, but the character you are watching on the reel is the reason the entertainment industry is booming by the day. Perhaps this is also why the trade of entertaining people is one of its kinds; no other business compares to it.

It is also one of the most profitable; in 2019, the UK film industry earned revenue of a whopping 1.25 billion pounds. This figure is more than some countries’ annual GDP. It is also predicted that in 2021, the film business will earn about 2.2 trillion dollars in the world. Now that is what you call an income.

Entertainment as a profession!

Every one of us covets the lifestyle of the famous, be it an actor, a fashion model or an opera artist. The extent of this desire may vary, but we all think about it. Some are so overcome by the glitz and glamour of this world that they want to make it their profession.

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There are many lucrative benefits of stepping into the world of the stage.

  • The foremost is you are not stuck to the desk for 8 hours every day. An actor enjoys his work. He would never get bored since the majority of the times he is travelling to new and exotic places.
  • Another advantage is income, and you earn a handsome wage. The highest-paid actor in the world is Dwayne Johnson; he earned a staggering $89.4 million last year. It would suffice to say that as an actor, you can live comfortably.
  • In the showbiz, a person becomes renowned for generations. The fame and glory that is garnered through this field cannot be accomplished anywhere else. Can you name one famous accountant? I’m sure you can’t. However, if I asked you to name a famous actor or director, you would give a long list of both.

How does one enter the showbiz?

The way to get in the entertainment business is not easy at all. The path is filled with never-ending auditions and the highest degree of competition. For the aspiring entrant, the struggle becomes so severe that many just quit, and the dream becomes even more elusive.

Most of you must have heard the name JK Rowling; she is an author, a very famous one. One of her works is the Harry Potter series. What you may not know about her is that before she got the publishing agreement for her work, the idea of Hogwarts and Potter were turned down 12 times. The irony is that now she is one of the wealthiest authors in the world.

The point of mentioning her was that it is only perseverance that will make you successful in this world.  Every second person in the world is good-looking, and almost 70% of them are talented, your persistent mindset is what will not let you be a mere drop in the ocean of aspiring actors and directors.

I’ll tell you a story of a struggling actor, and his name is Jeffery Bills; he is very handsome and knows how to act. However, even after 115 auditions, he could not land a role for himself. His will was strong, but he needed to change his strategy. He thought of getting his portfolio clicked by a renowned photographer, David Simms. He got an appointment, but David charged hefty fees. Jeffery wasn’t daunted by it at all. Short term loans from direct lenders became his knight in shining armour. He simply took one and got himself clicked.

The portfolio changed Jeffery’s world, and he got a contract in an advertisement agency. Through this ad, a casting director saw him and asked him to come for an audition. He did so well in those auditioning rounds that from the assistant directors to the executive producers, everyone was astounded with his talent.

Now, not only has he finished filming his first film, but he also signed a second one with the same producer. Jeffery Bills will soon be a household name, I am sure. He could have chosen to quit, he could have decided on a different career path, but he did not. Had he done that, his dream would have seen the light of the day. Jeffery is who  you need to think about when the thought of abandoning a dream comes to your mind. He thought about everything, from a change in strategy to getting quick loans with no credit checks, he did not leave a stone unturned. Perhaps that is also why his accomplishment is so great and impressive

The entertainment world is a steep terrain to get into. The struggle is the hardest, and the competition is the toughest. Many a time you may think of quitting, but if you leave, you lose all hope. Always think of Jeffery, if he had lost hope after his 115th audition, he might not be where he is now. I would just conclude by saying that only perseverance can make the evasive glory of fame seem real.

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