Connectivity to the internet is increasing day by day. Previously, the connection was limited to computers using the same hardware and software techniques. But these restricted features are unable to meet the increasing requirements. So a system that allow inter-platform communications became a necessity


Web service is a software service that is used to communicate on a network between two users. It’s a software application that offers interoperability between different applications in a standardized manner. It uses technologies like XML, SOAP, WSDL, and UDDI in HTTP.


People often get confused about the differences between design and development especially those not related to the IT field. What is the role of the website designer? Are web development and web designing the same? No each has a completely different role than the other. Let’s explain the role of web designer and web developer.


Web designer is a person who turns an idea of a story into a visually appealing model and with the help of their design build up, user experience throughout the entire website. They are the designer who decides how the website will look and feel. Same as an architect create your house plan before the building process, a web designer will model your website layout before the web developer start developing it.

Web designers have a difficult job which is often overlooked. They have to incorporate the best possible user experience in their projects and create a user-friendly environment. They have to switch an idea from writing to a design that is usable and interface that catches the attention of the user. Unless a proper development plan is applied in the early stages of the project, a website cannot be defined as fantastic.  Web designer is now valued at the same level as web developers, as the users can’t really understand development without a great user experience and layout.

Web designers, for themselves, developed a whole library of planning techniques. After reading or thinking about the specification, a perfect website is not created immediately from thin air. Starting with the context, focus point, and the website’s purpose. They first make an image of the design in their mind and start with a rough sketch or draft. Web designers switch from sketching to wireframe, mock-ups, and the final layout. Professional web designers create an entire website in design components, with a perfect pixel format of all web pages, icons, typography, and other intricate features.


Web developers are those magicians who make a live website from designs. They use web languages and software tools to build a website’s design and functionality. Web developers are further divided into front end developers and back end developers. Front end developer act as an interface between the designer and the back end developer, having the knowledge about both ends, this allows the front end developer to create a fully functioning website. A front end developer is responsible for the building of the interface and provides the layout as the communication between the website’s back end and the users.

Three key languages are used by front end developers: Hypertext Markup Language (HTML), Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), and JavaScript (JS). A developer is able to build a full-fledge website with these languages. From the main layout of the design, inserting images, applying different topography types and font families, animations implementation and more.

Back end developers are the ones who control information and requests from the client. Typically, if a website includes dynamic information, back end services are required. It could be explained as a user submitting the form with personal information (for creating an account) or saving an article for a blog. Generally speaking, if the website needs to save data, so it is accessible later, a database connection is required. It is only possible by a direct connection from the server itself. PHP and ASP.NET are server languages use by back end developers and languages such as SQL or MySQL are used to write database queries.

Both web development and web designing have an essential role, and it is impossible for the web to exist without them.