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Taking good care of your mouth, teeth and gums are in itself. Good oral care can help prevent tooth decay, bad breath and gum dieses… And can help you keep your tooth as you get older. To stay away from all these dental issues, you should regularly visit an expert dental care centre.

If you are looking for a compassionate family-oriented London Dentist. Look nowhere, Keith Burns Associates are here to help. At Keith Burns Associates, we believe in providing personalized and expert care to our patients. Caring for our patients help us diagnosis the issues and choose the most conservative treatment. Our treatments are pain-free and relaxing with a professional’s environment to ensure everyone is made to feel welcome and important. With many years of experience of our team, we work together to ensure the delivery of quality services to our patients.


We provide all kind of oral health and dental services to our Patients like Spot issues, Health checkups, Gum checkups and Ora cancers checkups, get fully screened for oral cancer!

We provide qualitative and effective dental checkups and treatments; we maintain proper hygiene for teeth cleaning. We effectively deal with nervous patients and makes them feel free. Our services are always open for Emergency patients. Our services Involve:

  • Prevent long term Issues: our hygienist’s main role is to prevent of dental issues, hygienists will discuss with you the factors involved in tooth decay and gum problems.
  • Find and remove stains:  Our hygienists are also experts in removing common stains from the tooth, we make you widen up your smile and confidence.
  • Remove tartar and Plague: Our professional scale and polish will remove all traces of tartar and plague, which are major causes for tooth decays and dental problems.

At Keith Burns Association, we aim to make you feel as relaxed and as comfortable as possible.

We have got amazing reviews and clients testimonials for our excellent emergency dentists city of London and our dentists are among the best-known dentists in London. We also provide refreshments and free W-FI throughout your visit. Arrive relax, have a drink and meat our front house team. Have your gums thoroughly checked, enjoy a detailed dental checkup including digital low radiation x-rays and photographs. Get exemplary dental care with our very qualified team of dentists and technologically advanced equipment’s. If you are looking for a compassionate and professional family-oriented dentist in London, contact us now on 02073320926.