The Best Places To Go Surfing


There are many desirable destinations for surfing around the world, which makes it extremely hard to pick the best places to go to. To help you out we have constructed a list of our personal favorites, ranging from Cornwall to Guatemala. Not only do these locations have the best waves and the best scenery, but they are all child-friendly – so your kids can indulge in a day on the waves and then kick back in their Booicore Kids’ Towel Robes on the beach for an evening of fun in the sun.

Waikiki, Hawaii

Although California is renowned for being the surfing capital of America, the sport itself originated in the beautiful state of Hawaii. Often referred to as the spiritual home of surfing, Waikiki is the perfect place to enjoy surfing in the sun for numerous reasons; the waves roll in softly, the water is visually gorgeous, the water is warm, and the waves last long so you can really enjoy a sustained period of time stood up on your surfboard. This means that Waikiki is perfect for both learners and experienced surfers. Since Waikiki has a high-rise backdrop, many people deem it a tourist trap – however, the backdrop means that you get both a beach holiday and the benefits of being in a city in one holiday.

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Sayulita, Mexico

Around 40 minutes north of Puerto Vallarta on Mexico’s central Pacific coast is a gorgeous, artsy surfing destination that was once a fishing village. Sayulita has a tropical jungle running parallel with ridable waves for all surfers to enjoy. Home to an array of buzzing bars and colorful cafes, Sayulita boasts galleries galore that display local Huichol tribal art and an abundance of street food vendors. The area also has an affordable, family-run surfing school that will refund your first lesson if you can’t stand up on your board by the end of it. With high-end longboards, shortboards and soft boards available to hire, the colorful Petit Hotel Hafa has double rooms available for as little as $50. and now you can Best Hiking Backpacks Under 100 Dollar too.

Sennen Cove, Cornwall

Although Newquay is known for being the lively location of the UK Surf Scene, many of you may want a much more peaceful trip. Well, look no further than Sennen Cove – a tranquil, relaxing surfing destination situated near Land’s End. With some of the most consistent waves in the whole of the UK, Sennen Cove is a lot less crowded than most surf spots and possesses crystal clear waters, grassy hills and cliffs. The costs of coming here to surf are far more affordable than the vast majority of other places across Europe. Surfing lessons cost as little as £30, while it is only £14 to hire a wetsuit and board. As well as this, accommodation prices are as low as £199 per person a night at the lovely Whitesands Lodge – just a few minutes inland from the beach.


El Paredon, Guatemala

This is by far our personal favourite surfing destinated. Situated in the centre of America, you would be forgiven for thinking you were on a paradise island in the middle of the ocean. An increasingly growing bunch of travellers have been gathering on the tiny fishing village of El Paredon. Offering Guatemala’s most peaceful surf with the best waves, El Paredon is a consistent surf for all levels of surfers. Visually amazing mangrove forests grow all around the area while turtles have made a home of the black sand beach – both fascinating places to take the children after a day of surfing. The Paredon Surf house offers private surfing lessons that are priced around £12, while boards can be hired for £10 and dorms at £8 per night. Not only will you be enjoying the trip of a lifetime, but you will be bettering the locals’ lives too – the surf house gives some of their profits to La Choza Chula, a social enterprise that has built a local secondary school and library which teach young children English.

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