The Applications and Advantages of Epoxy Floor Coating

The Applications and Advantages of Epoxy Floor Coating

Decor walls, false ceilings, illuminating lights, design doors but regular old flooring? That doesn’t seem alright, does it? It definitely wouldn’t be if your home doesn’t stand out just because of this one factor. Homes, workspaces, all where everyone’s life has so much bearing, deserve the best. Why hold back when it comes to showcasing your personality? Call the neighbour home, watch them be fascinated by these lovely floor coatings. Walk into the office every day, feeling a sense of pride for belonging here every time you walk over those beautiful floor coatings.

If floor coatings can make such a huge impact, wouldn’t everyone be worried about not making the right choice? Who to trust? Is it expensive? How will it be beneficial? Epoxy flooring on the Sunshine Coast can seem like an unfulfilled dream, but companies like Epoxy Flooring Co turn this around by producing affordable ranges of epoxy flooring. Here’s a ticket to your dream home with epoxy flooring on the Sunshine Coast!

Applications of epoxy flooring:

  1. Epoxy flooring is anti-bacterial and is resistant to germs. This is proving to be a great feature that hospitals look out for. It is making the work of maintaining cleanliness and hygiene in hospital wards easier.

  2. The aforementioned property is what makes epoxy flooring suitable for use in cafeterias and restrooms as well. It eases the process of sanitizing and cleaning the floors in crowded areas.

  3. Epoxy floor coating is used over concrete floors in several industrial applications like garages, industrial plants, showrooms and warehouses.

  4. This floor coating is chemically inert and does not react with any chemicals. This makes it very suitable for flooring in labs, manufacturing units or any place where chemicals are used.

Advantages of using epoxy floor coatings:

  1. This floor coating adds brightness to the ambience and develops the overall aesthetic of the room. It immediately adds professionalism to the room and can uplift the workplace’s general outlook and living space.

  2. Epoxy floor coatings are incredibly durable. They are capable of handling a lot of wear and tear. One can drive on it, wear pointed footwear or store heavy materials on it. None of these will damage the flooring.

  3. It has a wide variety of range. One can choose from multiple colours, patterns and designs. There is always room to experiment and bring out creativity. Epoxy floorings are very flexible in this aspect.

  4. Epoxy floorings are very easy to maintain hygiene. It is effortless to clean them. Sweep off the dust easily, use a wet cloth or mop it down to get rid of spills. It is that effortless! It does not retain stain and is not sticky to retain dust.

  5. It is economical and budget-friendly. Epoxy floorings can be easily afforded. It is an economically friendly substitute for hardwood or vinyl floors. It also lasts longer, so money is not spent on frequent repair.

  6. Epoxy floor coatings are slip-resistant as well. It reduces the risk of kids slipping on the living room floor. It makes it easier for patients trying to walk again and to move wheelchairs across smoothly. These floor coatings make it more comfortable for elderly people to walk around.

  7. Epoxy floor coatings can be installed very quickly and do not require layout and extra labour or materials for cutting. It also requires minimal effort for maintenance but can end up adding so much richness and style to the interior.



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