The 3 Types Of Electrical Services Available


By hiring a reliable electrical service provider in your residence, workplace or industrial space, you can ensure safety for yourself, loved ones, visitors and for your employees. While using electrical services safety is the first factor that you need to give importance to. Exposed wires as we all know, can cause serious damage even leading to fatality. Using proper wiring for each electrical equipment and installation is imperative and should never be taken lightly.

Although fixing a light switch might seem to be relatively easy and undemanding, a professional electrical service can ensure that the problem doesn’t become recurrent. Electrical service providers can also install your breaker boxes with sub-panels to help you avoid the inconvenience of dealing with extra wiring and circuits around your residential, commercial or industrial space. Electrical service providers do the repairing part to your power supplies according to the local municipal building codes, ensuring you never have to face any legal hassles. Therefore, to install, maintain and repair the entire different electrical component at your place,  you need to hire reliable electrical services.

Electrical services
Electrical services

Different types of property require different electrical power, and even in some cases, an industrial or commercial space may demand for frequent upgrades, repairs and installation services than residential space.

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And this why today we’ve come up with the three different types of electrical services and their requirements,

  1. Electrical services for Commercial areas: Services provided to the commercial spaces or projects are commonly known as commercial electrical services. Electrical services requirement varies according to the size of the commercial spaces and the projects that require them. Electrical services are not only just restricted to indoor requirements only and are also required at the outdoor areas around the building as well.

Some of the services are listed bellow

  • Providing construction projects with proper electrical installation and repair services
  • New electrical services for any commercial area are devised, designed and installed by electrical service providers
  • Refurbishment and fit-out services in a workplace
  • Installation of retail fit-outs require electrical services
  • Providing a commercial property with regular maintenance and repair services for the various electrical units that are installed in the property.
  • Ensuring the systems are regularly checked and all safety and legal laws are met
  • Ensuring everyone’s safety by regular and proper upkeep of the whole building’s electrical system.
  1. Electrical services for Residential areas: Even though residential areas do not have such massive electrical requirements and the constant need of upgrades and repairs and installations as the commercial areas, they still have a number of electrical services that require professional electricians as well. There is a broad category of electrical services that are provided for residential consumers which include repairing, installing, and upgrading of,
  • Switches
  • Circuit breakers
  • Renovations
  • Outlets
  • Wirings in pools and hot tubs
  • Switchboards
  • Lighting designs

Installation and repair of Air conditioning systems including the ductless ACs, air filters etc are also included in the residential electrical services provided. Besides this, residential consumers also need electrical services for their phone lines, speaker systems, alarm systems, theater room, hot tubs and many more.

  1. Electrical services for Industrial areas: As the name suggest, industrial electrical services are the services provided to the industrial sectors like the larger factories. The bigger the industrial area, the higher the requirement of electrical installations and equipment in them. Maintenance, repair and installation services carried on in factories, warehouses and other such industrial areas all constitute industrial electrical services. These huge industries have high voltage boards and machinery that require expert designs and advanced installation processes. Industrial areas also require high tech control and security systems that require regular maintenance and repair as well. The electrical service providers also ensure every action performed on these systems and machinery are in accordance with the local health and safety codes and laws.
Electrical services
Electrical services

Irrespective the kind of requirement you have for your project, always ensure that the electrical services you hire are specialized to handle your project needs. From electrical troubleshooting to repairing short circuits, from maintaining the custom wirings to replacing the circuit breakers hiring licensed electrical services will ensure that your job is done right and on time.

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