How to Make Siri Mad

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What you Must Say to Activate Siri’s Sarcasm

Siri is the Queen of Insolent Responses

Sure, it helps you find directions, play a song, or save reminders. But Apple’s virtual assistant also has an indomitable face.

Since Siri’s debut in 2010, users have discovered hidden messages or jokes (in jargon they are called “Easter eggs”) that Apple engineers have hidden in the system.

If you press it, Siri will read you a bedtime story. But in most cases, “she” answers you recklessly.

It Makes you Feel Bad

Ask Siri how much zero is divided by zero, and get ready to tell you that makes no sense. Ah, but it doesn’t end there. The screen shows the correct answer, but if you listen to it, you’ll see how she takes a math problem and turns it into an existential crisis in a couple of sentences:

How many cookies does each person receive? Do you see? Has no sense. And the Eater Monster is sad because he has no cookies. And you are sad because you have no friends.”

With each iOS update, some of these “occurrences” appear. This is a count of Siri’s best humor strokes:
If you only need someone to be kind to you and comfort you when you feel insecure, there are many people to turn to. Siri is not one of them. (When asked “Am I dumb?”, He replies “Well, but I’m still here”)
You can be as persistent as you want, but it’s easier to convince David Beckham or Angelina Jolie to correspond to your love than to Siri. (Tell her you love her and you’ll see how many times she dodges you).

Your Problem with the Movie Inception

Once you get over the fact that Siri says he fell asleep during a Christopher Nolan movie, please rate his blatant honesty.

Most people don’t admit it, but can you think of a better phrase to describe the tape Inception? I fell asleep.”)


Thanks, Siri

The dilemma of the egg or the chicken

Siri has no care why the chicken crossed the street, in fact, he doesn’t care about chickens at all. And she doesn’t understand why we care.

This is a machine that makes you wonder why humans question things.

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Talking Seriously

Sometimes Siri refrains from insulting, he can also have a friendly side (if you ask when the end of the world is, he tells you that if he knew, I would tell you, to run together on the beach and eat ice cream).

But maybe we talk too soon, in other types of questions it shows off with its scathing answers (what is the meaning of life? “Nothing that Nietzsche has not taught you”)

But well, since he has the humor to make jokes. I dealt with one:

And I never tried again.


With all her ingenuity and humor at the expense of my self-esteem, Siri does not enter my list of best friends (surely she doesn’t even care). But at least when it comes to its parent brand, it is the loyalty paradigm. (-What is the best computer? “Everything looks better on the iPad, especially me.” -What Is the best phone? “You already have the answer to that question”).

These are the funniest and craziest questions to ask Siri and that’s how to make Siri mad.

If you are bored and don’t know how to hang out, you may want to keep reading. In this article, we offer you crazy and crazy questions to ask Siri. You can try to flirt with Apple’s assistant, make jokes or ask him to sing to you.

As you probably know, Siri is Apple’s interactive assistant. You can access it by pressing the main menu button (the side button on iPhone X), or by saying “Hey Siri!”.

Siri existed for the first time in 2011, with the arrival of the iPhone 4. In addition to being a very useful and practical tool, we can also use it to give us a few laughs.

Next, we propose a series of questions that you should ask Siri if you are looking for a good time.

Remember that you can ask the same question several times to get different answers.

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