What Does WTW Mean on TikTok?

What Does WTW Mean on TikTok

While texting with your friends, an acronym ”WTW” comes up and you are confused about what it means and how to respond to it. No worries we have got you covered. This blog post is all about what ‘’WTW’ means and how you can respond to it confidently.

Acronyms have become a major part of social media. They are used not only on texting apps but now they are commonly used on video-sharing apps such as TikTok, Instagram, and Snapchat. Now and then new acronyms are used over social media and it’s hard to keep track of all of them. Just like ”gtg” which is ”got to go” and ”ttyl” is ”talk to you later” another acronym ”WTW” has been seen on TikTok while texting. Whenever someone new to TikTok or social media comes across this acronym he or she might immediately google it to know the meaning. But different sources give different meanings and it can create confusion about what it means.

A single acronym can have multiple meanings and it is important to know them all so you don’t get confused while texting with your friends. Start reading this blog post to find out about all the possible meanings of ”WTW” and the correct way of responding to it.

What Does WTW Mean on TikTok?

Whether it is TikTok or any other app, ”WTW” is used in the same way but it has two different meanings. Most often ”WTW” means ”what’s the word?” This is a similar phrase to ”what’s up?” or ”what are you up to?” It is used to ask what the other person is doing and if he or she is interested in hanging out.

Another meaning in which ‘’WTW’’ is used is ‘’what the what.’’ This is used to show some kind of shock or express your cluelessness about something. Like if you were told something that you had no idea about and it comes as a shock to you then you would reply with ‘’what the what’’ or simply ‘’WTW.’’

How ‘’WTW’’ is used and how to respond to it?

When ”WTW” is used as ”what’s the word?” it means that the other person wants to hang out with you and is asking if you are in or not. For example, someone might say, ”WTW this weekend” which means what are you up to this weekend and whether you would be interested in hanging out.

There are two ways to respond to this. If you are interested in hanging out with that person you can reply with, ”I am doing nothing, just chilling at home. Do you want to come over?” or you could simply tell them what you are doing and wait for some more information to respond better. For example, you might say, ”just hanging out at home.” In this case, you will be waiting for some more information or a reply so you could read the situation better. If you are not interested in hanging out or you have got something else to do then you would simply reply with, ‘’I have got plans tonight, sorry’’ or ‘’I am busy with work this weekend.’’

When ”WTW’ is used as ”what the what” it means that the other person got some kind of shock from what you said. He or she either had no clue of what you said or that information was shocking to them. For example, if someone told you shocking news and you want to spice up your response you will use this acronym. They said, ”Did you know Anna got fired?” and then your reply could be, ”WTW!!! She was the best on their team.”

In case someone else used this phrase with you and you agree with them and understand their shock on the news then the most appropriate reply would be, ”I know right” or ”Totally crazy!!” Generally, ”WTW” is an expression of surprise and it is not necessary to respond to only that part of the whole message. You can focus on something else in their message that is worth responding to.

Alternative Meanings of WTW

There are some other meanings of ”WTW” but they are not that common. Still, it is better to know what they mean. Alternatively, ”WTW” means ”walk the walk.” In this context, it means that you are a straightforward person, one who does not like to sugarcoat things or lie. For example, if your friend is shocked at how you stood up to your boss for making you work late every day. Your reply would be ”I WTW. He cannot make me work late every day.”

Another meaning of this acronym is ”worth the wait.” It is used to show that your patience for something paid off. Like if you were excited about a movie or a show for a long time and when you finally watched it and realized that it was worth it and it matched up to your level of excitement then you might use this phrase. For example, if someone asks, ”How was the movie last night?” your reply would be, ”It was WTW. You should watch it too.”


In a world that is full of acronyms, there are so many acronyms that can make you confused when used during texting. One such acronym is ”WTW.” It has four different meanings but only two of them are often used on TikTok and other social apps. Their meaning as ”what’s the word” which means ”what’s up?” is commonly used to ask what the other person is doing and if he wants to hang out. The other meaning is ”what the what” which is used to express shock over something. The other two meanings that are not used popularly are ”walk the walk” which means the person is straightforward and does not lie. The other meaning is ”worth the wait” which means that your patience for something finally paid off. We hope that you will have no confusion regarding this mysterious acronym after reading this blog post.


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