What Does GRWM Mean on TikTok?


While scrolling through TikTok or YouTube, the acronym ”GRWM” might have appeared on your screen in captions as hashtags. This acronym might have left you wondering what it means.

TikTok is the best place to find all the trending content online. Whether it is a song, a hack, or even a slang term, TikTok is the hub of everything. New slang terms are being introduced each day and while you must be familiar with most of them some terms might have skipped your sight. These terms can create confusion and can make you frustrated while using the app. One such term that has become quite popular is ”GRWM.” Now, you might have seen this word in the captions of your favorite influencers but are not sure what it means.

We are here to help you solve this problem. This blog post contains all the explanations that you need to have for this term, ”GRWM” and its use on social media. So, start reading to learn more!

What Does GRWM Mean on TikTok?

‘’GRWM’’ stands for ‘’get ready with me.’’ This famous acronym is not only popular on TikTok but it is quite popular on YouTube and Instagram as well. This acronym is popular among the beauty, lifestyle, and fashion communities. Have you ever seen a video in which an influencer or a content creator is getting ready for their day? Well, if you look down the video you might find a caption with ‘’GRWM.’’

Influencers, usually fashion influencers make videos showing their daily day or evening routine which includes them getting ready for their work or class, getting their makeup done, getting their hair done, and choosing their outfits. On TikTok, these videos are short and the users interact with their viewers by going live. These videos have become a trend on TikTok and these videos can be found by searching with #grwm. There are almost 76 billion videos posted with ”#GRWM” on TikTok in recent months and there are videos with this hashtag that have over 86 billion views.

These types of videos were first posted on YouTube. Fashion, beauty, and lifestyle influencers post their videos while getting ready and also talk about the products they use. These videos on YouTube are longer than the ones on TikTok and in them the influencer chats with the viewers. While on TikTok some ”GRWM” videos are uploaded with only background music or a song and the influencer does not chat with the viewers. On YouTube, these ‘’GRWM’’ videos can be posted as a segment of a daily vlog or a travel vlog.

Who Started this Trend and When?

This ”GRWM” trend started in January 2011 when a Youtuber, Shaaanxo posted a video while getting ready with the caption ”Get Ready with Me.” Since then, this trend started and other fashion influencers and YouTubers started posting these kinds of videos in their vlogs. After YouTube, the trend followed on TikTok as well and has continued to influence people to make these videos. Although the ”GRWM” videos of day and evening routines are the most common, some influencers also post specific ”GRWM” videos for birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, etc.

How ‘’GRWM’’ Videos Good for Brand Sponsorships?

‘’GRWM’’ videos are a great way for influencers to promote a sponsored product. Brands send their products such as makeup products, skincare products, or dresses to these influencers. Then while making their ‘’GRWM’’ videos the influencers incorporate those products in their video and promote them by giving their opinion about them. Although most of the time they give sincere opinions the viewers should be well aware of the fact that the content creators are paid to recommend those products to you. Sponsored videos are usually posted with the caption such as ‘’ad,’’ ‘’paid promotion’’ or ‘’sponsored.’’

Why are ‘’GRWM’’ Videos Popular?

These videos have become popular over the years and can be seen on different social media platforms such as TikTok, YouTube, and Instagram. The reason behind their popularity is that most people find it comforting to watch someone else get ready for their day. These videos usually contain positive content and people watch these videos while they are getting ready. In this way, they feel like they are not alone and are getting ready with a friend.

Viewers get to connect with their favorite content creators. They follow their style and makeup techniques. In these videos, the influencers are rather chatty which creates a good influence on the viewers. They tend to relate with them and follow their style statements. The viewers even get to know about all the best makeup products or brands that have good quality products.


”GRWM” stands for ”get ready with me” and this phrase has gained much popularity on TikTok and other online platforms. This ”GRWM” trend of videos might be new on TikTok but it has been tending on YouTube and Instagram for a long time now. In these videos, content creators make videos of themselves while getting ready to go to their workplace or university. They put on their makeup, make their hair, and choose the perfect outfit. They do all this while talking to their viewers and telling them about the products they are using. These videos have become a great way for brand promotions by sponsoring the products to influencers. Influencers get paid for making these sponsored videos. People find these videos soothing and a way to connect to their favorite influencers. Now, this trend has become very popular and billions of videos can be found on TikTok with the hashtag ”#GRWM.”


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