What Does OPP Mean on TikTok?


The use of slang language has become popular on social media platforms including TikTok, Instagram, and Snapchat. New slang terms are introduced every day and it has become quite difficult to keep track of all of them. TikTok is an online platform that is famous for being the ultimate hub of these new trends and terms. Just when you think you have understood the meaning of all the slang words another is introduced on this trending app.

Slang words are shortened forms of words and they are used to make chatting easy and they also help in saving the characters spaces. The young generation tends to adopt these terms in their texts, comments, or captions. Each of these terms might have a different meaning depending on the context. It is important to understand the meaning of these acronyms before using them in your daily life.

One such slang term, ”OPP” might have popped up on your screen and left you wondering what it means. Nothing is embarrassing about being confused about the meaning of these different terms as there are so many and it is hard to keep track of all of them. Here is all you need to know about this new acronym, ”OPP’ and what it means on TikTok, rap, and in chat.

What Does OPP Mean on TikTok?

A single acronym can have more than one meaning. Their meaning depends on the context of what you are talking about. On TikTok, and other social media apps ”OPP” means ”opposition” or ”opponent.” It is used to describe a person with whom you are competing or someone who competes with you.

Examples of How ‘’OPP’’ Can be Used

This acronym can be used in various situations whether you are playing a game or watching a game, or you are arguing with another party. For example, if you are talking about a sports game you might say:

”Our team is not even letting the OPP team near the goalpost.”

‘’The OPP team is kicking our ass.’’

The acronym is common while playing online games and people use it in texts whenever they have to refer to someone who is their competition. Even in courts the party competing for the case against the defenders is referred to as the ”opposition party.”

What Does OPP Mean in Rap?

This term even gained popularity in the hip-hop and rap culture. The meaning of ”OPP” in the rap world is completely different from its meaning on TikTok and other social apps. In the rap culture, ”OPP” is used to describe infidelity. It first came up in the song ”O.P.P.” by the hip-hop band ”Naughty by Nature.” This song was part of their album with the same name that was launched in 1991.

This word is used to describe someone who cheated on their partner. One of the singers of the band, Treach said that he got the idea of the lyrics of this song from a drug dealer in his neighborhood. That guy used to say ”down with OPM” while going to other dealers’ territories. Here the OPM meant ”Other Peoples’ Money.” Treach liked this phrase and decided to use it in his song but he changed the meaning of this phrase by changing the ‘P’ with ”property.” He started using it as ”Other Peoples Property” to describe infidelity. The phrase got popular in the United States and people started wearing T-shirts saying “Ya Down Wit OPP?”


The use of slang language has become a trend now on every social app. People come up with these new terms every day and use them while texting. TikTok tends to adopt these trends quickly. One such trend that has been going on is the use of the term ”OPP” which means ”opponent” or ”opposition.” It is used to refer to your competitor. However, in rap or hip-hop culture, ”OPP” has a different meaning. It is used to describe someone who is cheating on their partner. It refers to infidelity. It all depends on the context in which a certain slang term is used to understand the correct meaning. Make sure that before using this term you know the correct meaning of it. We hope that this blog post helps you learn all about ”OPP” and its meanings.


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