What Does ASL Mean on TikTok?


The Internet has become the hub of slang terminology. Users have been frequently using them on social media. TikTok is a new and trending social app and is being used as a tool to find new songs, dances, hacks, and much more. Slang language has also made its rounds on this popular app. Now, new slang words and phrases can also be found on this app in the comments or the DMs.

There have been so many acronyms that are being used on the internet as slang. These include ”brb” which means ”be right back,” ”ttyl” means ”talk to you later,” and ”LOL” means ”laugh out loud.” While scrolling through the app, you might have come across one such acronym that is ”ASL” or ”asl.” If you are new to TikTok or even if you are an old user, you might get confused and wonder what people mean by this. There is not a single meaning to this term and its meanings can differ on different apps depending upon the context in which it is being used.

Keep reading to find out what this internet slang means on TikTok as well as on the other apps.

What Does ASL Mean on TikTok?

Although this word has different meanings and uses on TikTok it stands for ”As Hell.” It is always written in lowercase as ”asl” when it is being used for this meaning. Most people use this daily in their comments on TikTok, however, there are still many people who are not familiar with this abbreviation.

Examples of using ‘’asl’’

Here are a few examples of how TikTok users use this slang on their accounts.

For example, a caption of a social media user, ‘’I am tired asl.’’ That means ‘’I am tired as hell.’’

An individual commented on Twitter, “I gotta be getting old asl because every time I get an iOS update notification, I go ‘another one?’ I used to be excited asl when the updates would come through.”

Some old users were also confused by this new slang term and commented, “I just wanna know… who decided asl…. meant as hell…. make it make sense…”

Another individual said, ‘’ NO HOW IS “asl” SHORT FOR “as hell” WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU’’

A video was posted on TikTok related to the search “How does asl mean as h*ll.” This video has got about 7.9 million views on it. On 10th June 2021, a TikTok user, @Keno made a video questioning the meaning of this term. His video gained over 32,000 likes and 97,600 views.

So, while most people use this slang casually in their comments others are not used to using this pop-culture term.

Different Meanings of ASL on the Internet

Asl is an internet slang and has been used for a long time with different meanings. According to Gen Z, it means ”as hell” but for some other Twitter users it means ”age, sex, location.” But this abbreviation has become quite outdated over the recent years and Gen Z is sticking to its use as ”as hell.”

Another popular meaning of this acronym is ‘’American Sign Language.’’ When used in this context it is always written in caps as ‘’ASL.’’ Numerous deaf TikTok users have posted video clips with this hashtag #ASL in their captions. There are several videos with #asl that have over 6.2 billion views on them. All these videos are in context to the American Sign Language.

An account on TikTok, Our Signed World posted a video on 10th November 2021 and in the video, a deaf father was using sign language to communicate with his daughter. That video clip gained over 6.9 million likes and 40.3 million views.


Over recent years the internet has been taken over by numerous slang terms. They are used in texting, captions, videos, comments, and DMs. TikTok has also become the ultimate platform where the new generation uses slang terms in their daily conversations. ASL is one such slang that has taken over the internet. It has different meanings which are based on the context in which it is being used. The different meanings of ‘’asl’’ include ‘’as hell,’’ ‘’age, sex, location,’’ and ‘’American Sign Language.’’ While most users are familiar with the term others are still figuring it out and we hope that after reading this blog post you will have no confusion regarding this pop-culture term.


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