What Does DTB Mean on TikTok?

What Does DTB Mean on TikTok

If you have come across the term ”DTB” and are confused about what it means? Look no further than reading the content below. We have got you covered to clear the confusion.

TikTok is now a trending video-sharing app all over the world. Many different trends come and go, but once a trend starts everybody seems to follow it. One such trend that you might have come across is the use of different acronyms on the app. They are used in comments, captions, DMs, and in videos.

You might have heard or seen an acronym ”DTB” being used on this popular app. Now, a lot of you must be wondering what it means. A battle has been going on between males and females over this phrase and its meaning. Boys and girls are seen arguing with each other over of this term and using it in their comments or as captions. Let’s clear your confusion about this trend that has taken over TikTok like a storm.

What Does DTB Mean on TikTok?

Acronyms are used quite commonly on all social media platforms including TikTok. Recently, the acronym ”DTB” is used excessively by both males and females. Mostly it is used by users with trust issues. It means ‘’don’t trust boys’’ or ‘’don’t trust bitches.’’ This is often used by individuals who had some negative experiences in their dating life. They either faced betrayal or heartbreak from their partner and now they are not ready to trust anyone.

”DTB” also means ”don’t text back” when used in the context of texting but it is not commonly used for this meaning on TikTok.

Who Came Up With This Acronym?

A famous rapper Julius Dubose came up with this acronym. He is most popularly recognized as ‘’A Boogie Wit A Hoodie.’’ He started the trend ‘’DTB 4 life’’ and it became a viral anthem on TikTok. The anthem was made by a TikTok user, @imsmoothcody in which he tells all about how he felt betrayed in his romantic relationship. People who were in unpleasant relationships started using this phrase on their TikTok accounts and it became a trend.

The young rapper was born on 6th December 1995 in New York. He has released many songs including Already Know, Drowning, Swerving, Look Back at It, Jungle, and My Shit. He has also been nominated for awards such as the Lo Nuestro Award for Video of the Year and the BET Award for Best New Artist.

How People are Using ‘’DTB?’’

Girls are using this phrase to express their negative experiences and betrayal in relationships. TikTok users such as @uk._quote.central and @squivn have been seen using this acronym on their accounts. @squivn wrote in a caption on her video, “Stay mad mad. DTB = don’t trust boys.” Girls have been using it to show that they have taken enough of the boys and are not going to trust them anymore.

While on the other hand, boys have been debating as well by using this acronym as ‘’don’t trust bitches’’ to show that girls are also not worthy of being trusted. A TikTok user, @virgiliio_ wrote this in the caption of his video, ‘’ “This girl thought she could hurt me, LMAO. I listen to A Boogie when I’m happy,” with a hashtag #DTB. Users have been using this hashtag while discussing their relationships in which they were betrayed or cheated on by their partners.


DTB is a popular acronym used on TikTok, a famous video-sharing app. This acronym stands for ”don’t trust boys” or ”don’t trust bitches,” depending on who is using the phrase, boys or girls. Most heartbroken individuals, especially youth, use it to express the trust issues they have in their relationships. They use this hashtag #DTB to give the message that they are not willing to trust anyone as they have experienced betrayal in their relationships.

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