Here are Some Things to Keep in Mind Before Buying the Traffic Cones

Traffic cones beside the road

Traffic these days on the streets has increased by several folds. For the traffic policies, it is very important that they ensure that the basic traffic rules are being maintained by the drivers all the time. To make sure that the drivers follow the rules different types of traffic management equipment are used.

Such traffic management equipment is very important to make sure to avoid accidents and injuries to people. They are used by different parties and the equipment is chosen according to their needs.

What are the Different Types of Traffic Management Equipment?

For managing traffic safely and avoiding accidents and injuries different types of equipment and devices are used. They are:

Traffic Cones

They are the inverted ice cream cone-like structures that are used to indicate the pathways for the traffic. It is one of the most commonly used traffic management equipment used. They are placed on the roads or highways one after another. They basically indicate the driver to drive slowly through the region. They are used to divert a route safely or converge or diverge two traffic lanes safely.

Traffic cones on a road

They are Made of PVC Material and are of Two Types

Ordinary Cones

These cones do not have a color on them but they generally fade in color in due time due to the absence of any protective coating on them.

Reflective Cones

These cones are similar in shape and size but they have a reflective coating on them which makes them shinier and brighter. They can be seen from far regions. They are mostly used in regions of heavy fog or areas with reduced visibility. Due to the shiny coating on them, they are highly weather-resistant and the color does not fade over time. They are highly resistant to weather conditions like rainfall, temperature, and humidity.

Flag Bunting Rolls

These are the flag-like structures that are equidistant on a nylon thread. They are used to tie up on top of the reflective cones or the other pylons to make sure that any area under construction or maintenance is encircled and marked clearly with the flags which are on the nylon thread.

Thus the flags can be seen quite easily from a distance alerting the drivers of the impending danger ahead.

T-Top Bollard Stems and Bases

These are sometimes used for the same purpose as the traffic cones but are thinner and cylindrical in shape. They have a base that is heavier to ensure that they do not get blown away by wind the stem is mounted on top of the base.

They are mostly used to converge or diverge traffic into different lanes.

Can they be Used for Indoor Purposes?

Traffic cones are mostly used in regions where any road construction or repairing activity is ongoing. They are also used in outdoor construction sites where any building or bridge is being constructed which are in the vicinity of a residential area or the road. The cones diverges the traffic into a separate route and maintain a safe distance with the ongoing activity.

They are also used in indoor car parking lots to make sure to identify the pathways for the incoming and outgoing vehicles to avoid any confusion and jamming of the parking lot. They are also used near schools and hospitals which are near roads.

They are also used in factories and industries for identifying the routes for the goods vehicles to avoid any collision with the equipment or machines as there might be less space. They are also used in warehouses to identify the ways for the goods carrying vehicles.

Things to Consider Before Buying them

The first thing to consider before buying traffic cones is whether you need reflective ones or ordinary ones. Does the area of work have low visibility conditions due to fog?

Companies need to make sure that they are made from the best quality PVC material to ensure that they do not fade or become too lightweight so that they could be blown away by the wind.

Also, make sure that they are always stacked off after their use or when the maintenance activity is over to make sure that they do not collide with the ongoing vehicles unnecessarily.

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