10 Hidden Games in Google Services you May Not Know

game in moblie screen

In Google products and services, there are always mini-games or hidden fun features that we may not have known, I will show everyone 10 exciting things on this topic, such as playing games, card games, Pacman, and snakes of prey. If you find anything more fun, please share, because there will certainly be more exciting games. And here are the top 10 hidden games of google.

Halloween Doodle (Google Doodle Archive)

These days, you must have seen a game interface right on the Google search bar to respond to Halloween, right? This is the first true multiplayer game in Google’s doodle game format, a bit of a hybrid between Pacman and Slither.io. The task in the game is that you are divided into two teams and must collect ghosts, the more ghosts, the longer the ghosts we control will be, and the team that brings more ghosts to the base will win. . During the game, we can take the enemy’s ghosts as our own. The game is quite good and interesting, it will help you relieve stress after stressful working hours.

Garden Gnomes (Google Doodle Archive)

Mini-game was put on the Google Search homepage by Google on June 10, 2018, to celebrate the gardening day in Germany. This game is simple and nothing too complicated, our task is to try to throw the garden gnomes as far as possible. Similarly, the game has also been hidden from the homepage for a long time, please visit the link below to play. These are also 2 of many other Google Doodles, if you want to learn more, you can go to this page to play.

Google Gravity (Google Search)

This is simply a small thing for you to kill time in your spare time. Just type “Google Gravity” into the search box, enter, or click “I’m Feeling Lucky”. Now everything on the search page will become fragmented and fall straight down, you can pick it up, throw it, or do anything, everything will obey the laws of physics.

Solitaire (Google Search)

Basic games for a long time on Windows computers, now you can play directly on the Google site without installing anything. Similarly, you just need to type “solitaire” into the search box on the Google Search page and then Enter and it will ask if you want to play this game. The task is that we will arrange the cards into columns according to the number of buttons decreasing. The game is also beautifully designed, simple and modern in Google’s Material Design style.

solitaire game

Smarty Pins (Google Maps)

The game is quite good and useful for those who like to learn about the knowledge, however, it seems that it requires a bit more English, so if you want to learn English, take advantage of this. this is also good. The game will ask questions, mainly related to locations – to answer, you just need to drop the pin marked in the right place. Points will be calculated according to the number of “distances” – the more correct the more, and vice versa, depending on the distance between the place you put and the answer.

Zerg Rush (Google Search)

Type “Zerg Rush” into the search bar and then Enter, you can play right away. The gameplay is quite simple but not easy, the zeros will appear and break the search results on the screen, we have to break it by clicking quickly to make it disappear. There will be a counter to see how many kills you have, if you play, don’t forget to share the results to see how long it takes to die.

Pac-Man (Google Search)

This Pac-Man game appeared as a Google Google doodle on May 21, 2010. This version of Pac-Man was created to celebrate its 30th anniversary. of the extremely popular arcade game in this world. Just turn on Google, type “Pacman” and play, but remember to dodge the ghosts Inky, Pinky, Blinky, and Clyde to get a high score.

Android Neko (Android N)

Any version of Android has “easter eggs” – a concept that refers to the details hidden in a certain whole. And in Android N, we will have a picture of a cat similar to the cat collection game named Neko Atsume.

The idea here is that we put virtual pieces of food down on the screen, then use the phone as usual and after a while, a cat can come and eat the food. (It will appear as a tag in the notification area.) It then becomes your captured cat and you can continue doing this to add more cats to your collection, pretty much. Fun and inspiring surprise while using.

To unlock, go to “Settings-> About Phone->Android version”, (it will vary slightly between phones.) Once in this area, click repeatedly on “Version Build” ” until the N Android “icon” appears on the screen.

Next, slide down the notification bar from the top of the screen, tap on the “Edit” icon, then scroll down until you find a quick setting called “????” with a cat face next to it. Drag this up from the “hidden item” to the main item and press “Done.” From now on, there will be an Options button, put the word Empty Dish, and click to put food on it.

Snake (Google Search)

The famous google snake game that is installed on many old Nokia phones has been searched homepage by Google with a better interface and graphics, but a bit Chinese-oriented. a little bit (Because Google made it on the occasion of the Lunar New Year in 2013). To play Snake on the Google homepage, you just need to go to the link below.

Breakout (Google Search)

Breakout is an arcade game developed by Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs in 1972. The player controls a slider that can help bounce a ball to break the stack of bricks arranged on the side. top of the screen. The goal is to let the ball fly back and forth and break bricks until all bricks are broken. To play, you type “Atari breakout” into Google image search. All search results will be tiled. Control the slider with your arrow keys or your mouse and play.

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