A Beginners Guide to Learning Web Design | Everything you want to know

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Web design is a high-paying skill in today’s business world. It is a skill set that enables you to design websites for brands. And businesses pay a handful of money for effective websites. So, it is a skill that can help you make a fortune. Many people think web designing is a complex skill to learn. And this thinking is true to some extent. However, in today’s era of modern technology, no skill is unreachable for learning.

Today, the internet has made learning web design much more effortless. You can find various helpful resources on the internet. Anyone can know web design using those resources. But, before learning web design, it is essential to understand how it works. Also, you need to learn the skills to become a web designer and start working at any reputable Australia web design company. This article will help you understand what web design is. Also, it will guide you in learning web design.

Learn Web Design as a Beginner

The creation of websites on the internet refers to web design. It includes working on the layout, text, font, and colour. Generally, web design refers to the user experience side of web development. So, it means you can learn web design without any technical knowledge.

There are various platforms you can use to learn web design. For instance, you can learn from WordPress, Mockplus, Wix, and many others. You need to understand the fundamentals of web design to become a web designer. And the fundamentals are visual and interaction. It would be better if you knew some coding languages like CSS and Jave. However, coding is generally essential for the development aspect. As far as you understand the core of web design, you are good to go.

It requires a lot of skills to become a web designer. However, you can master some basic skills to learn web design.

Master the Core Concepts of Visual Design

Visual design is the action of increasing the user interface and user experience of a site. It focuses on creating a layout that can engage the users. So, it is one of the essential skills to learn in web design. Therefore, the first step for you is to master the core concepts of visual design. You will have to master the visual elements and effects.

The components include line, shape, colour, texture, girds, etc. Learning these elements helps you understand how to design a website. So, understand how to use lines and which shapes to use in a design. Similarly, know what colour combination looks good on a site. So, master these elements to learn web design.

Understand HTML

Hypertext markup language(HTML) is a coding language. It is the foundation of all websites. HTML is the prime file type that loads in your browser when you look at a website. Also, it gives directions for how navigation, images, and other elements of a site displays in a web browser. It is an essential skill to learn for web design.

The second step is to understand the basics of HTML. But, it is not necessary to have technical knowledge of coding languages. However, it is essential to learn fundamental coding languages to communicate with developers effectively. So, learn the basics of HTML. It will help you learn web design.

Know the Basics of CSS

You also have to learn the basics of CSS for web designing. CSS is a sheet language that describes the presentation of a document. Cascading Style Sheets(CSS) give design instructions on how HTML or XML elements should appear. It enables a designer to style HTML and XML content to make it look fancy.

You can also add colour, custom fonts, and design web elements. Understanding how CSS works can teach you the skills to become a good web designer. So, it is essential to know the basics of CSS.

Learn Layout Design

Layout design is a process of organizing visual and textual elements. A web designer uses elements like shapes, text, and images in a site to grab users’ attention. It is an essential element because it shapes the overall appearance of a website to function smoothly. So, it is necessary to learn layout design for web design. You can find various resources to help you learn layout design.

Learn the Basics of UX Design

UX is the user experience people go through while using a website. It is the user’s point of view on web design. UX is about how effective a website is for the end users. A web designer arranges typography, colour combination, layout, and other elements for a great user experience. So, you have to learn the basics of UX design. There are fundamentals of UX design you will need to know. First, you have to be aware of the users’ needs. You need to figure out what your user needs in a website. Similarly, have a basic understanding of identifying key wireframes and prototypes. As a result, basic knowledge of UX design will enable you to create a user-friendly website.

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Master the Colour Principle

Another tip to learn web design is to master the colour principle. Colour combination is an essential element in web design. Some researches show that colours can have a massive impact on the audience. They can evoke emotion in users to take a specific action. Also, the right colour combination makes a website accessible. As a result, it makes a website engage more customers.

On the other hand, a wrong colour combination makes a website look unattractive. Also, users can find such websites unfriendly. Hence, the colour principle is a vital element for web design. You have to learn the colour principle. You can find various resources to help you master the colour principle.

Learn the Concept of Topography

Fonts can communicate various emotions to an audience. Fonts can also have an impact on consumers. So it is essential to learn about typography if you want to learn web design.

Typography usually provides various purposes in web design. It gives a practical motive for making content legible. Also, it can invoke emotions in the audience to perform a specific task. Therefore, you need to learn basic concepts of typography. You can master the basic types, such as Serif and Sans serif.

Be Familiar with your Brand Offerings

The last skill you need to learn is understanding your brand offerings. A web designer must be familiar with his brand. Web design aims to present a company’s brand value to its customers. So, you need to know your brand’s offerings. It will help you design a website according to the users’ needs.


Web design is a skill that can become a great source of your living. Many people are earning a fortune using this skill. You might think web design is a complex skill to learn. However, it is not as hard as you think. Modern technology has made it much easier to learn this skill. Many free resources on the internet can help you learn web design.

There are a few things you need to learn for web design. You first need to learn the core concepts of visual design. The second thing is to learn the basics of coding languages. Similarly, you will have to master the UX design. Lastly, you will have to learn the basics of colour principles and typography. The mentioned skills will help you learn web design.

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