How to Embed a Reviews Widget on Squarespace?

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The way companies and marketers market their goods has undergone tremendous change. While some people continue to use outdated marketing strategies, modern marketers are including a range of content in their campaigns to maximize their benefits.

Marketing has started to turn its attention to its current clientele among all content categories. Existing consumers of a brand frequently share their opinions about the company and offer advice to prospective customers on what to buy or avoid. Users can write reviews about their favored brands and goods on a variety of review sites, including Yelp, Facebook Reviews, Google My Business, and others.

Additionally, putting customer content on relevant marketing touchpoints, such as the brand’s website, is a terrific method to boost website visitor engagement, provide social proof for the company, and enhance conversions and sales. The process can be completed using a variety of methods, but we’ll focus on how to quickly and easily include reviews on a Squarespace website.

Let’s begin right now without further ado!

Easiest Way to Embed Reviews on your Squarespace Website

Select a Tool for Aggregating Reviews

Prior to anything else, you must be certain that the tool you choose for collecting the reviews is adequate. There are a variety of social media aggregation tools that allow businesses to compile reviews from multiple review sources and embed them in their websites.

Despite the fact that there are many possibilities on the internet, you must be careful to choose the one with the finest features. As you read the rest of the post, we will list the greatest tools that can be utilized for the process.

Sign in and Combine the Reviews

When you have finished choosing the tool, log in to it so that you can access the dashboard of the social media aggregator. The aggregation process can be started by creating a new widget and selecting the Add feeds option.

The source from which you want to gather the content must be selected once you select the Create feed option. Once you have entered your credentials, you can immediately access the content in the editing section.

Customize the Feed and Create an Embed Code

Your review widget has to be improved after gathering the reviews and after it has been made in order to make it look more appealing. Depending on the tool you choose, you can use the customization choices.

You can improve the review widget’s appeal from a wide range of stylistic options. You will be prepared to start the embedding procedure after you are satisfied with the widget’s appearance.

Simply select Squarespace as your website development platform by clicking the Publish button. Select Get code. Copy the code in the clipboard. The width and height can both be modified.

Embed the Review Widget on the Squarespace Website

Enter your Squarespace account information, then go to the website’s backed area. Go to the page or section you want the review widget to appear on by using your browser.

In the website’s backend, paste the copied embed code. After saving the adjustments, the procedure is complete! Voila! Once you’ve done so, your Squarespace website will have a review widget attached.

Best Options for Embedding Review Widgets on your Website

Taggbox Widget

The Taggbox widget, a reviews platform that has won numerous awards, is the first tool on the list. It enables users to compile information from more than 20+ social media networks. Reviews from other sites can be collected using the tool.


Users of the tool have a variety of customization options, including fonts, colors, backgrounds, and many more, to boost the effect of the review widget. Any objectionable content can be removed from the review widget using the content moderation panel to monitor the content.

The tool enables users to review published content and obtain information such as clicks, impressions, total users, etc.

The platform’s strong back support staff enables customers to get help should they run into problems while utilizing it.


Users of Elfsight can collect, curate, and include Google reviews on their websites. The user can preview the widget’s appearance on a user’s website. In order to blend in with the website’s overall style and feel, they may also alter the widget’s width and height.

Through the content filtering tools of the platform, users can exclude any content that they feel is damaging to the reputation of their brand.

Calling it a Wrap

Gaining your consumers’ trust and dramatically increasing sales and conversions can be accomplished by incorporating customer feedback on touchpoints like your website.

Choose the method that works best for you now that you are aware of the stages and the best tools, and make use of the advantages.

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