Tech Gadgets for Maintain your Lawn

Man and little girl cutting the lawn grass

The arsenal of amateur and professional gardeners is gradually expanding. If earlier they limited themselves to a trimmer or lawnmower for maintaining personal lawns, now, realizing the need for competent lawn care, they also acquire new tech gadgets. For those who want to have a great-looking lawn, these tools are really a must-have. We prepared a list of the most important gadgets for maintaining your lawn and everything you need to know about them.

Trimmers and Brush Cutters


The simplest and most inexpensive lawn mowing device is the trimmer. Even if you have a wheeled lawnmower, the trimmer is essential for the final “glossing”, because it can easily get to where it is difficult to work with a lawnmower: in a narrow passage or under a garden bench. The trimmer also mows the area around trees and flower beds and trims the edges of the lawn.

In a small area, the trimmer may be the only tool for cutting grass. The cutting element of the trimmer is a cord, a flexible plastic wire that rotates around an axis at high speed. In the simplest trimmers, a torn or worn cord is replaced manually, the more expensive models are equipped with an automatic cord feed function as needed.

According to the engine type, trimmers are divided into gasoline, electric with mains operation, and battery.

Brush Cutter

The brush cutter differs from the trimmer in the power and design of the cutting elements: we can say that the brush cutter is a high-performance trimmer capable of cutting not only soft grass, but also hard lignified weeds, and even small bushes. As a cutting element in brush cutters, most often it is not a cord that is used, but a special knife made of high-strength steel.


The mower copes with the task of smooth mowing much better, including for lawns of medium to large areas. In addition, after mowing, there is no need to collect the grass with a rake: many lawnmowers are equipped with a collection container and/or a special mulching knife that cuts the grass into small pieces and turns it into a natural fertilizer. Mowers can be mechanical, gasoline, or electric.

Tools for Creating a Smooth Lawn Edge

Lawn Weeding

Edge Cutter

To make the edge of the lawn even, especially if it is adjacent to the flower garden, is not a trivial task: the soil and grass tend to “slide” into the flower garden. You can solve this problem in different ways, for example, enclose the flower garden with plastic tapes or decorative fences. Unfortunately, this does not improve the appearance, and it does not particularly help.

You can also try to cut the edge with a shovel, but as a result, the edge turns out to be uneven, as if “nibbled”. Meanwhile, there is a very simple tool that helps you make a truly beautiful edge without much effort. This device looks like a semicircular blade on a handle; You can use a regular garden hose along the edge of the lawn as a guide to creating a straight line.

Grass Shears

Rechargeable grass shears look like a large hair clipper – their cutting element is arranged in a similar way. The width of the scissors head is 6-10 cm, which is enough to work well to the edges of the lawn. These special scissors can also be found with a long handle and castors. An additional plus of the tool is the ability to expand its functionality: in some models, the grass-cutting head can be replaced, if necessary, with a tool for the simple shearing of ornamental shrubs.

Lawn Soil Care Equipment

To care for the lawn, you may need three more devices, which are often confused despite the differences in their functions: this is an aerator, a scarifier, and a verticutter.


The aerator is used to improve oxygen access to the roots of lawn grasses by loosening the top layer of soil and removing dead grass and moss. It is advisable to treat the lawn with an aerator several times per season – this promotes good grass growth and suppresses the growth of moss, which likes to settle on poorly aerated soils.


The scarifier is used for a thorough “cleaning” of the lawn – removal of debris and moss, “breaking” the old turf. In the process of work, the scarifier plunges into the soil deeper than the aerator and loosens it more thoroughly. It is used twice a season – in spring and autumn.


The verticutter is the most “coarse” of this group of tools, they clean up old lawns with a thick and coarse sod layer and roughly loosen the soil, which is associated with damage to some roots of the lawn grass. This is beneficial: such procedures stimulate growth and improve the nutrition of lawn plants. The verticutter is used as needed, most often in the spring, when working to restore the lawn after wintering.

Sprinklers, Hoses, and Irrigation System

You already know that without proper watering, no tools and gadgets can help your lawn to grow and look healthy. Sprinklers are a simple and convenient solution for lawn watering. You can attach a variety of showers and special sprinklers to the hose. For the best choice and best quality, check the Hoselink Us gardening solutions.

The irrigation system is installed between the water pipe and the hose and automatically irrigates the lawn. It will be useful if for some time you will not be able to water on your own.

What you need to Evenly Sow your Lawn

The main problem when sowing lawn grass, especially in large areas, is to evenly distribute the seeds. To solve this problem, there are also special devices – seeders-spreaders. Usually, this is a device without a motor, equipped with a container for seeds and a system for adjusting seed distribution. The simplest models are portable, and very compact, resembling a small bucket with a lever.

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