Get Instagram Followers by Replying to all Instagram Comments, Here’s how to do it


The comments on your posts by random Instagram users or by your followers who happened to observe your Instagram posts by specific hashtags they follow or the geotags can affect very positively the rate of your Instagram engagement. It can surely be favored by the algorithms of Instagram too. That’s the reason why writing captions to Instagram posts that impel your targeted audience to react to your posts is really imperative. Moreover, it is equally important to invest some time in reading those comments & responding to them accordingly. It will not only keep the conversations but will also tell your followers that you care for them. Consequently, you will get Instagram followers at an amazing increasing rate this way.

Interactions always lead to strong connections & once it happens in a nice manner, the people are definitely going to be your lifetime followers & can become your loyal customers too. So, here is a comprehensive guide on how you should respond to the Instagram comments you get on your posts.

Handling @ Mentions or Spam

Even if you have already turned on the ‘’Hide offensive comments’’ function, you still may receive some unwanted comments. When this unfortunate thing happens, you can report that comment immediately as a scam, spam, or abusive content & block that specific user to prevent a user from being able to mention or comment in the future.

If a person or a brand mentions you in their video or photo, you can simply remove that mention by tapping on the actual video or photo.

The Way to React to Single-Word Comments or Emojis

Moving a bit further, other than the spam comments, you may also receive another type of comment on your Instagram posts i.e. single-word comments or emojis. It is not really necessary to respond to such comments but if you need to be a bit gracious to your followers, you can like their comments simply.

Also, you can reply with some stickers or can simply say thank you.

The Way to Respond to Positive Comments or Compliments

It is always a great feeling to get positive comments or compliments from Instagram users as it doesn’t make you good but also is amazing for your brand reputation. There may be users that take time to react love to your posts. No matter what, when someone takes out their precious time to write positive feedback or compliment, make sure to respond by showing a little gratitude. Responding is not only enough to the kind comments but a thoughtful response is necessary.

You can always use this positive feedback or comments to post on your site to appeal to others but just after their permission. All of them will work as great & authentic reviews for your site.

How to Deal with Negative Reviews or Comments?

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Above all, there are also unfortunate times when a few users leave hateful, negative, or bad comments on your Instagram. Almost every person seems confused in this scenario & doesn’t know how to deal with the situation. The best recommendation for you is to don’t reply at all & mark such comments as abusive ones. For your company or brand, you always have to keep the best image. Responding to such people won’t make them even a bit satisfied or engaging with them is also not beneficial for your business at any cost.

But keep in mind that when someone gives negative feedback i.e. a sort of complaint about a product or service, it is imperative to reply to that professionally. It is necessary to address the concerns of the users with a bad experience with you. One more thing to mention here is that all the negative comments aren’t authentic & some fake people can behave to have a bad experience with you to ruin your reputation.

So, it is not good for your reputation to reply aggressively as you are representing an entire organization. Just calm yourself & try to respond professionally. On the other hand, if a customer is actually having a bad experience, you must talk politely & try your level best to compensate. Talk via DM in this regard & you can win your customer back this way.

The Way to Answer the Questions

More often, people may ask different kinds of queries about the products or services you are offering. If you don’t reply to them, it portrays really unprofessional behavior from your end. You are supposed to reply to them as soon as possible because they can be your potential customers.

For all the general questions, have template answers so that you don’t have to write them every single time. For instance, you are a woman’s clothing brand. With each post, prepare the answers to the price, stuff, any discounts available, etc. Most of the comments will be general & you will be copy-pasting it most of the time.

If any of the comment requires a brief answer, you can reply shortly with a Thank you note & also mention that they are supposed to check their inbox for more details. Then, you must take the time to guide them there properly.

Posting regularly is imperative but with this, it is also very important to check those posts for the comments & replying to them in a timely manner. It has more than a few benefits for you. It will keep your followers engaged with you. It also portrays your kind & positive image to the public that you are taking time to respond as you really value your customers. As you do so, you will keep your community engaged & at the same time, you build stronger connections with them. It will also get you more & more Instagram followers.

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