How to Make a Fishing Rod in Minecraft


While a fish rod is not difficult to make in Minecraft, it is of immense importance. The fishing rod helps you catch fish and other components in the sea. It lets you obtain food on deserted islands. It also enables you to capture ingredients for other purposes like making potions.

Creating a fishing rod is easy, and you can make it with only a few components. You require three sticks and two strings to build a fishing rod. Here’s everything you need to know to make a fishing rod in Minecraft.

What You Need

  • Crafting table
  • 3 sticks
  • 2 string

How to Make

1. Making the Crafting Table

The first thing you require is a crafting table to prepare the fishing rod. If you do not have a crafting table, let’s tell you how to create a crafting table in Minecraft.

You need wooden plants to create a crafting table. They can be crafted using logs.

Place the wooden logs into the survival inventory crafting table and convert them into plants.

Use four of these planks to form a crafting table. This crafting table is the base for adding other materials to produce a fishing rod.

2. Crafting the Sticks

The next step is to craft sticks to make the fishing rod. Place two blocks of wooden planks on top of each other in two boxes on the crafting table.

This will give you a stick.

3. Obtaining Strings

Now you need two strings to tie the sticks together.

You can obtain the strings by killing spiders. Spiders are typically present in biomes and dungeons.

When you have two strings, it is time to assemble the fishing rod.

4. Assembling

The last step is to assemble all of the components to create a fishing rod.

Place your sticks on the crafting table diagonally.

Add the strings under the topmost stick.

Your fishing rod is ready, and you can use it to catch food and fish for other purposes.

How to Use Fishing Rod in Minecraft?

Land and Sea in Minecraft

You can catch fish in the sea throughout the day and night. The rod can be used in any water body despite the size to obtain fish of different kinds.

  • Throw the fishing rod by pressing Mouse 2.
  • After pressing it, bubbles will appear in the moving water.
  • Press Mouse 2 again to pull what you have caught.
  • The captured item jumps onto the playing character itself.


How to find fishing rods in Minecraft?

Besides making your own fishing rod, you can also find them underwater. You can look for them in chests with enchanted fishing rods and leather armor and food. They are common in shipwrecks.

Which types of fishes are found underwater?

You can find both edible and inedible fishes in the sea. Salmon and Cod are edible and can be easily caught. Though you may also find pufferfish used to make the underwater breathing potion, they are not suitable for eating.

What can you find underwater other than fish?

You might not always come across fish in the fishing rod. Instead, you may also catch trash or treasure. Sometimes your fish rod may entangle strings, bowls, rotten flesh, and leather. Or at times, you may be lucky enough to find enchanted books, Lilly pads, nautilus shells, etc.

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