Best GIF Creator Apps for Android

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So what is the most popular way for online expression? GIFs. They’re funny and witty, and you can find a GIF for almost any expression. Also, they are short and hence compliment the snackable nature of the content we love. You can even create them easily on your phone using GIF creator apps.

What is a GIF Creator App?

GIF creator apps let you download or upload videos or images to make GIFs from scratch. These apps come with tools that you can use to add special effects like emojis, images, text, filters, and even backgrounds. You can use them to export files and share your creativity on several social media platforms. Different apps can be useful for different users but since there are so many to choose from I thought I will curate a list of the best GIF creator apps for android users.

Here it goes…

1. GIPHY: GIF and Sticker Keyboard and Maker

Play Store Rating – 4.1

GIPHY Cam is created by one of the biggest GIFs names out there, GIPHY. GIPHY servers over 100 billion GIFs on a daily basis. So their app being first on this list is not really a surprise. Using this app you can capture footage with your phone or use already made videos and add special effects, text, and filters.

If you don’t want to make GIFs then you can share GIFs from GIPHY’s library. There is even a search option that makes the whole process easier. GIPHY knows how to keep up with the trends too. It is available for free for both Android and iPhone users.

2. Gif Me! Camera

Play Store Rating – 4.4

Gif Me! The camera is a very popular GIF creator app. The apps boast of their ease of use and simple interface that makes the whole GIF-making process even more fun. Gif Me! The camera has all the basic features of GIF apps like filters, special effects, texts, and other fun elements.

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But there are many other things to do using this app like making GIFs from scratch, converting videos into GIFs, or making GIFs using static images. The only thing that doesn’t go in favor of the app is the reports of unexpected crashes during GIF exports.

3. GIF Maker, GIF Editor, Video to GIF Pro

Play Store Rating – 4.6

This is another very popular and powerful GIF maker app. Unlike most of the apps on the list, it is not free to install. You can use this app for INR 200. But with this one-time payment, you get the ultimate no-ad experience of GIF making. The app takes pride in its number of features and ease of use.

Some of its features include converting video clips to GIFs, making GIFs from videos that you recorded using a phone camera or by recording a phone screen, and combining multiple images into one GIF. You can even make GIFs/Animated using features like crop, resize, speed, emoji, hand writing, filter, trim, etc. You can compress the size of the GIF. There are tons of other features for you to explore. I am a huge fan of free things as I am sure everyone is but this app is definitely worth your time and money. I especially recommend it to creators who use GIFs in a professional way. There is a free version of the same app available too and even that is a must-try.

4. Pixel Animator: GIF Maker

Play Store Rating – 4.1

Pixel Animator is unlike any other in the list as it sticks to one niche alone, making pixel-based GIFs. With the use of this app, you get to create pixel arts and then convert them into GIFs. You can make avatars pixel by pixel, or piece together characters using existing creations from the app’s library. These designs can then be turned into GIFs and shared on social media

5. ImgPlay – GIF Maker

Play Store Rating –

ImgPlay is another one of my personal GIF Maker on the list. It takes pride in its practical use and features. If you select this app then you will get to choose from multiple canvas sizes depending on where you’re posting it. In addition to that, ImgPlay also has a huge collection of design elements you get to choose from. A unique feature for all the artist GIF lovers out there is the app’s pen drawing feature that you can use for sketching and get even more custom designs.

If all that still didn’t make you open your play store that remembers GIFs aren’t the only thing you can make using this app. You can also make one of the other most trending things on the Internet: Memes. But the free version of the app is not satisfactory for a lot of people so you will have to spend a few bucks to get the leisure GIFs and Meme making experience.

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